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Samsung hospitality technology is designed for guest comfort and staff efficiency from check-in to personalized in-room experiences with an at-home feel.



Help your hotel to rise above the rest with Samsung’s line of high-quality, full-high-definition (FHD) hospitality TVs. You can provide an experience that is anything but ordinary with Samsung’s sleek and modern designs while providing all of the convenient functions guests have come to expect. Give your hotel the upgrade it deserves with Groove.


With a customizable Home Menu screen, hotels can now strengthen their brand by greeting guests with a unique welcome message, hotel logo, and even video clips when guest turn on their room TV. The convenient user interface (UI) also provides guests with access to informative resources, such as time, date, and hotel information.

No Upfront Costs

Means You Can Upgrade Today Without Breaking the Bank

Worry-Free Installation

Means More Time to Focus on You and Your Guests

Certified Technicians

Means You Can Trust Us to Get the Job Done Right the First Time


Regardless of the size of your hotel, Samsung has a hospitality TV to fit virtually every type of need and budget. You don’t have to compromise quality when it comes to staying within your price range.

224 reviews

When we contacted Groove Entertainment to help us set up our own facility TV Channel 50 at our senior assisted living facility in Denver, not only were they exceptionally helpful they literally improved the lives of our senior residents. The channel has provided our seniors with a sense of pride and greatly increased communication between our residents and management staff. I especially want to thank Technical Service Representative Patrick MacLane whose assistance made the experience both simple and enjoyable. What we thought would be difficult turned into an exciting ongoing project. Saying thank you doesn't really seem to be sufficient for expressing our appreciation. But thank you, big time.

- J Fitz

We can't thank Groove enough for upgrading our old equipment. Our new system works great and the installation switchover didn't require any downtime for our guests. We have been working with Francis and the whole process was such a breeze. We give Groove an 11 out of 10, thank you again!

- Jennifer Taylor

I purchased a Groove System for my small motel in Maine a few months ago. I worked with Dan Hegerman who was great. He was very patient and professional, and offered us a product that is perfect for our situation and a good price. The installer was excellent. He did a thorough job - even cleaned up when he was done. We are thrilled with the product and service. My only complaint is that I didn't do this years ago!!

- David Lloyd