Smart Lock

Smart Lock Solutions for Seamless Security

Secured for your stay

Intelligent security at the threshold building a reliable and efficient platform to control property access through smartphone, key cards and touch access systems.

The ability to take charge of the space with trackable data, determine who enters or is not allowed to enter, and elevate peace of mind with advanced remote access and smart lock features tailored to the guests’ requirements.

Security from
beginning to end

For hotels, motels, and resorts, smart lock technology offers an enhanced guest experience combined with operational efficiency.

Guests appreciate the convenience of keyless entries, often via their smartphones, eliminating the hassle of traditional keys or the fear of losing them, to many guests this option seems like magic.

A streamlined check-in process can often mean guests can directly proceed to their rooms, bypassing the front desk entirely.


For property management, this tech gives real-time access logs and offers insights into staff movements, giving more efficient and detailed housekeeping oversight. Furthermore, in the event of security concerns, access can be quickly revoked or altered. The integration of smart locks also provides the potential for linking with other hotel services, offering guests a seamless experience, from room access to amenities booking.


Powered by top-notch industry partners, delivering seamless integration you can trust.

With Groove, you can easily make the choice that is tailored to meet all your needs.

In the competitive world of hospitality, adopting smart lock technology ensures properties remain at the cutting edge of guest convenience and security which gives operational peace of mind.

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