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Energy Management


Comfort for the Guests by the Guests.

Revolutionize your living spaces with precise energy management, empowering guests with tailored control over their environment. This technology not only ensures optimal comfort for every individual but also aligns with cost-effective operational goals.


Not Just Another Thermostat

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Energy Management

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PMS Integration

Energy management is more than just ensuring comfort

It's a savvy move towards sustainability and cost-saving for property owners. With smart energy solutions in place, properties can drastically cut down on energy wastage, leading to marked reductions in utility bills.

Such initiatives fast-track the return on investment (ROI), benefiting both property owners and guests.

Furthermore, these systems not only provide immediate savings but also boost the property's market value and attractiveness. seeking financial gains and consistent ROI.

Groove offers the latest modern controls to automate your environmental comfort and lighting desires complimenting every zone in the home. This is energy management brought to you by technology partnerships that effectively takes the controls off the walls and puts them back in your hands giving guests nearly effortless energy management.


Smart thermostats and room control devices, creating intelligent sustainable environments for apartment automation.

Smart lighting solutions with everything your residents need.

Versatile smart lighting system for all residences, easy to install and use, integrating with various smart home products.

Explore a mesh networking technology to provide quick, reliable, and secure communication to a wide variety of certified smart products such as sensors, thermostats, locks, and more.


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