6 Tangible Benefits of Eco-Smart Thermostats for Hotels

Written by Ana Boechat

Are you considering upgrading the thermostats in your hotel? If so, you should consider getting eco-smart thermostats! 

Eco-smart thermostats are better for the environment, can save you money, and have plenty of other tech features to make your hotel more appealing to guests.

Keep reading for six tangible benefits of eco-smart thermostats for hotels. If you are already aware of the benefits of an eco-smart thermostat and you are ready to upgrade your hotel’s thermostats, contact Groove Technology Solutions now for a quote!

Eco-Smart Thermostat vs. Regular Thermostat

Before getting into the benefits of an eco-smart thermostat, it is important to understand the difference between a regular thermostat and an eco-smart thermostat.

Here are the different types of thermostats that you could purchase for your hotel:

  • Analog thermostat 
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Eco-smart thermostat

Analog Thermostat

The job of a thermostat is to regulate the amount of air that flows through the HVAC system. You can use a thermostat to adjust the room temperature. In the past, thermostats used to simply display a notch on a temperature scale that you could manually adjust. These are referred to as analog thermostats

While that type of thermostat works, if the notch is off at all, it can cause incorrect heating/cooling in the room, which will cost you more money. Also, they are less convenient for guests because anytime someone wants to correct the temperature, they have to adjust the temperature physically when it needs to be changed.

Programmable Thermostat

A step up from an analog thermostat, a programmable thermostat allows the owner to set the temperature for different times in the day. While programmable thermostats do not have any fancy features, they do create cost savings due to the scheduling capabilities. 

Another benefit of programmable thermostats over analog thermostats is that they are normally digital and more user-friendly.

Eco-Smart Thermostat

Of all the different thermostats, eco-smart thermostats come with the best technology and the most features. They will allow you to control the temperature of the hotel rooms from your computer, give you monthly analytic reports, and notify you of required maintenance.

Benefits of an Eco-Smart Thermostat for Hotel Owners

Now that you know the difference between regular thermostats and eco-smart thermostats, it is time to review the benefits of installing eco-smart thermostats in your hotel.

Save Your Hotel Money

As a result of saving energy, eco-smart thermostats will also save you money. According to the US Department of Energy, you can save at least 20% on your electric bill by adjusting the room temperature throughout the day.

Here are different ways that you can save money with an environmentally friendly thermostat:

  • Consume less energy resulting in a lower electricity bill
  • Qualify for a rebate if using an ENERGY STAR certified thermostat
  • Be eligible for special offers from power companies

20% is a huge cost-saving, especially if you run a hotel with a lot of thermostats and have a high electric bill.

In addition to saving you money on your monthly electric bill, choosing an ENERGY STAR-certified thermostat may also qualify you for additional rebates or special offers from your power company.

Better for the Environment

Eco-smart thermostats are called “eco-smart” for a reason! They are better for the environment than regular thermostats, and upgrading your current system to them will allow your hotel to reduce its carbon footprint. 

They work by monitoring temperature preferences at different times of the day and allow you to create a schedule of different temperature preferences to save energy. 

For example, if your hotel guest knows that they will be out of their hotel room all day during their vacation, they can set the thermostat not to run as much while they are gone. Before they return to their hotel room, the room will adjust back to a temperature that will be comfortable for them.

This method of heating/cooling is better for the environment because the less energy that is used, the fewer fossil fuels that are consumed.

Here are some more environmental benefits of using an eco-smart thermostat in your hotel:

  • Reduces emissions from power plants
  • Reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emitted into the atmosphere
  • Ensures better conservation of resources such as trees, water, coal, and fossil fuels
  • Facilitates the burning of fewer fossil fuels
  • Prevents destroying animal ecosystems 

In addition to feeling good about your hotel’s environmental impact, guests will also value that your hotel is taking steps towards environmental friendliness. This is a great way to market your hotel to attract more visitors!

Maintenance Reminders

Any hotel owner understands that preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding costly issues in the future. An eco-smart thermostat can tell you when your hotel HVAC system needs maintenance. 

Here are a few examples of some maintenance-type alerts that you may encounter with your eco-smart thermostat:

  • Regular HVAC maintenance
  • Issue within your HVAC system
  • Power outage
  • Disconnected from the internet

Having a smart thermometer that keeps you updated on maintenance concerns has the potential to save you a significant amount of money and time in the future. Your system will alert you if there is an issue before you even realize something is amiss. 

Better Control of the Temperature

Did you know that you can control the temperature without even entering the room with an eco-smart thermostat? This feature is perfect for hotels because once your guest checks out, you can automatically reset the thermostat to save money and energy.

When a new guest is ready to check in, the temperature can be changed back to a normal room temperature. You can even schedule your thermostat to be in sync with your future guest check-ins and check-outs.

In addition to controlling the room temperature between guests, having an eco-smart thermostat also gives your guest better control of the temperature while staying at your hotel.

Here are a few situations where your guests may schedule the temperature in their room.

  • Turn down the temperature for sleeping
  • Turn up the temperature when waking up
  • Set to an energy-saving temperature while gone for the day

Having an eco-smart thermostat in the guests’ rooms will make them more comfortable and can increase satisfaction with their stay at your hotel.

Analyze Your Hotel’s Energy Usage

Another benefit of choosing eco-smart thermostats for your hotel is that some of them will allow you to monitor your energy usage over time. For example, Interel Thermostats will send you an energy report each month.

These monthly reports will allow you to analyze your data and save even more money in the future. They typically include information on the amount of electricity used, the temperature outside, and how long your heating/cooling ran.

Easy Installation

While changing the thermostats for your hotel may sound like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be if you choose eco-smart thermostats.

Many people are worried that they will spend more time installing an advanced thermostat because of more technology. In reality, the time to install a smart thermostat is much less and more user-friendly than with an analog thermostat.

Contact Groove Technology Solutions

If you are looking for new thermostats for your hotel, an eco-smart thermostat might be the best option for you! Eco-smart thermostats are better for the environment, save money, keep you updated on required maintenance, give you more temperature control, analyze monthly data, and are easy to install.

To order your eco-smart thermostats or to get a quote, contact Groove Technology Solutions today. Groove Technology Solutions provides excellent, friendly customer service that sets them apart from other providers, and they service all 50 states and Washington, DC.