How Campground Video Surveillance Affects Your Bottom Line

Written by Ana Boechat

How Campground Video Surveillance Affects Your Bottom Line

One innovative utilization of technology to increase your bottom line is that of campground video surveillance.

Campground sites have been growing with the evolution of technology, making them a more lucrative industry. There are many factors to consider when striving to meet your bottom line as a campground site business owner. 

Campground video surveillance can increase your bottom line and make it more attainable. Surveillance decreases vandalism, reducing the cost of security personnel, and reduces insurance. Companies such as Groove Technology Solutions specialize in providing these cost-saving technologies.

Your bottom line as a campground site owner becomes easier to reach with the incorporation of video surveillance on site. This investment is significant for business owners to reduce costs and meet their goals. Read on to learn the benefits of video surveillance and find companies such as Groove Technology Solutions to give you a quote.

The Bottom Line

As a business owner, your bottom line is essential for the success of your business. You must factor revenue and expenses into financial statements to determine net income, or the bottom line. Your bottom line increases with a rise in revenue and the reduction of costs. Campground sites must consider costs to increase the bottom line.

Campground sites must maintain the property through general repairs and accommodations for visitors. Campground sites incur costs associated with:

  • Repairing property damage
  • Employing security personnel
  • Insuring the campground site

Campground video surveillance reduces these costs by deterring vandalism, decreasing the need for security personnel, and lowering insurance costs. Investing in the right video surveillance cuts costs for your business and makes your bottom line more attainable. 

How It Works

Video surveillance technology is continuously developing to keep up with the needs of business owners. Wireless video surveillance systems are the most popular surveillance systems consisting of:

  • Wireless cameras
  • Antenna connections
  • A base communication system

Wireless cameras record all areas of your campground in real-time and communicate with the base communication system via antennas. With wireless video surveillance systems, you can access the live feed from anywhere and monitor your campgrounds yourself.

The live feed from these wireless video surveillance systems provides all the information you need regarding personnel entering or leaving the property. This is especially useful if vandalism is prevalent in your area, since surveillance systems keep potential offenders accountable for their actions. 

Wi-Fi Network

Not all video surveillance systems require Wi-Fi, however, wireless video surveillance systems are the most convenient systems to use. These systems allow you to monitor your campgrounds from anywhere. With these systems, it is a valuable investment for reducing costs associated with maintaining campground surveillance.

Most campgrounds provide a Wi-Fi network for visitors to use for personal entertainment, which makes it more reasonable to invest in a wireless surveillance system. However, even campground sites without Wi-Fi can find a high-speed provider for a reasonable price. Campground site owners pay an average of only $250 per month on Wi-Fi.

Cost of Video Surveillance Systems

Basic video surveillance system packages cost an average of $1,400 dollars for campground sites. These packages include:

  • Cameras
  • A base communication system
  • Installation labor

Surveillance systems range in cost according to complexity and amount of materials. Depending on your campground site and needs, you may benefit from a custom system. Groove Technology Solutions provides custom surveillance systems for you to find the right system for your business.

Benefits of Campground Video Surveillance

Campground video surveillance comes with a variety of benefits for your campground site. Video surveillance gives you peace of mind that your business is running safely and successfully and it eliminates business costs to increase your bottom line.

Video surveillance technology makes running your business easier and cuts the costs associated with property damage, security personnel, and insurance policies. Vandalism is decreased, security teams can be reduced and even eliminated, and insurance policies are lowered with the presence of video surveillance systems.

Decreases Vandalism

One of the biggest problems for campground site owners is vandalism and property damage. Vandalism of campgrounds sites can include:

  • Theft or looting of money and property for personal gain
  • Destruction for attention, often caused by teenagers
  • Intentional damage from an unhappy customer

Video surveillance decreases campground vandalism by deterring people from destroying the property. The presence of cameras discourages intentional destruction and damage and captures the perpetrators on video. This holds campground visitors accountable for damage and reduces the cost of repairs and investigations.

A decrease in vandalism corresponds with a reduction of maintenance costs for your campground since fewer repairs are necessary to maintain the grounds. Installing video surveillance increases your bottom line by preventing damages that can cost a lot of money.

This reduction in maintenance costs and bolstering of your bottom line gives you the freedom to reinvest this money into other aspects of the business. If your business struggles with deterring vandalism routinely, then having a video surveillance system is crucial for your business. 

Reduces the Cost of Security Personnel

Many campground sites hire teams of security personnel to patrol the site and remedy any security concerns. Security can be costly and is often outsourced through security companies which charge specifically for their security service.

Companies like CLM Services employ security teams for campground sites. Security starts at $20 per individual per hour and can go up to $100 per hour. Around-the-clock security can be an expensive service to maintain at your campground site year-round.

Using video surveillance on campground sites reduces the need for on-site security personnel. Wireless video surveillance systems can be monitored by anyone, and the need for full-time monitor security is dependent on your business needs. A significantly smaller security team can still monitor the systems for a reduced cost.

Video surveillance can replace a security team and save your campground money. Video surveillance records all events on the campground sites and can review any incidents without the need for security testimonies. This makes your bottom line more attainable by eliminating employment costs.

Reduces Insurance Costs

An insurance company must insure campground sites in the event of damages or accidents. This can be costly for your business, as some incidents are unpredictable. However, video surveillance decreases the probability of vandalism and property damage, which lowers the cost of a campground insurance policy.

The average campground business owner spends between $450 and $1,500 per year on an insurance policy. Video surveillance decreases property vandalism which reduces insurance costs for your campground. Video surveillance also captures all damages on camera for insurance companies to review and can provide evidence for any claims.

Campground insurance policies include, at a minimum:

  • General liability coverage
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Property coverage

Although these insurance policy components are necessary for establishing a reputable campground site, the cost does not need to affect your bottom line. Having a campground insurance policy with a video surveillance system increases the chances that the insurance company accepts your business claims. Using video surveillance can reduce your insurance policy cost and increase your peace of mind.

Groove Technology Solutions Can Help

If you are a campground site owner, campground video surveillance is one of the best ways to help you reach your bottom line. These systems are convenient, affordable, and practical for maintaining campground sites. Groove Technology Solutions provides this service in all 50 states across the U.S. with excellent, friendly customer service. 

You can access the Groove Technology Solutions “Contact Us” page to request a quote for your new video surveillance. Simply submit a form with your contact information and business needs, along with questions. Do not miss out on this opportunity to protect your campground site and reach your bottom line!