Incorporating Streaming Services In The Hospitality Industry: Is It Worth It?

Written by Dan Star

Incorporating Streaming Services In The Hospitality Industry: Is It Worth It?

It’s safe to say that the average guest has a certain expectation when they reserve a room in a hotel, resort, or another type of lodging service. We’re talking about clean sheets and showers, comfortable bedding, decent room service, a safe and secure property, and the ability to sign into their favorite streaming service.

What many people love about a streaming service is that it can be logged into, regardless of whether they are at home or a home away from home. It’s incredibly convenient. Whether your guest is away from home because of a business trip, personal reasons, or a vacation, most hotel guests want — and expect — the ability to log on to services like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and more.

Sure, your guests can log onto their accounts on their laptops, smartphones, or tablets; however, many viewers want to watch on a bigger screen. Not to mention, many shows deserve to be viewed on a TV, not a tiny phone. That’s why incorporating these services is essential if you’re in the hospitality industry.

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Streaming Services in the Hospitality Industry: 5 Reasons Why It’s Worth It

Below you’ll find five reasons why everyone in the hospitality industry should consider investing in streaming platforms and services:

  1. Happy Guests = The Best Customer Experience
    We briefly touched on this above, but it’s worth discussing again. Humans are creatures of habit, and even when we’re away from home, the comfort of a routine can make a huge difference in our experiences. Would it surprise you to learn that 85% of American households have a video subscription service?
    This statistic suggests that including streaming services in your accommodations would align with the routines found in the typical United State home. Access to the comforts of home, where your guests can maintain their usual home routine and habits, will help your guests feel more comfortable and “at home.”
    Chances are they will be more likely to stay at your hotel rather than at another one where the comforts are unknown, making streaming at a hotel essential.
  2. Guests View It as a Must-have Amenity
    Only the best lodging services provide their guests with everything they need and all of the amenities they could want in order to relax. For many locations, this might mean providing guests with access to a gym, hot tub, sauna, and pool. Others have indoor and outdoor fire pits and other gathering places where guests can relax and mingle. Bars and restaurants are other awesome perks.
    A decent percentage of your guests will use amenities like these. But an even more significant number of those who stay at your facility will use a streaming service amenity, making incorporating access to these accounts an even better investment.
    Many of your guests are looking to rest and unwind at the end of the night or enjoy a lazy morning in bed, and one of the best ways for your guests to relax is by watching their favorite show in bed.
    Opting for amenities like these will allow you to save money on purchasing and maintaining expensive exercise equipment. Most of your guests will be happier to have access to their accounts than an overstocked gym.
  3. Give Control to Your Guests
    Conventional entertainment options like cable or satellite TV and on-demand movies leave your guests at the mercy of whatever is currently airing and what is available in the region. Access to various streaming platforms completely circumvents this issue by providing familiar options for your guests. They have control over what they watch instead of limiting them.
  4. Streaming Platforms Make Your Property More Appealing
    When people are looking to book a hotel room, the type of in-room entertainment options your property offers plays an important role in their decision. For some, the knowledge that certain accommodations do not offer streaming in their rooms is enough to dissuade them from reserving a room at a hotel.
    Streaming platforms are a popular at-home entertainment pastime, and incorporating it into your amenities and streaming at a hotel could be just the marketing tool you need to get more bookings.
  5. The Preferred Way of Viewing
    More and more, people would rather watch their favorite shows and movies on streaming platforms instead of watching live TV. Even when traveling, individuals increasingly rely on having access to these popular platforms
    Providing access to their preferred streaming service provides your guests with more of the content they actually want to watch.

Incorporate Streaming Platforms at Your Property with Groove Technology Solutions

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