What Is Hospitality TV?

Written by Ana Boechat

What Is Hospitality TV?

You walk into your hotel room and turn on the hospitality TV. There is a welcome message waiting for you, along with a menu of what the hotel offers. 

You sit down for a few minutes, find the menu, and order your food all from the Hospitality TV sitting in front of you.

Hospitality TV is a hotel’s way of controlling what goes onto the TV screens of their guest rooms. Hotels can list their amenities, movies to watch, promotions, and nearby attractions. Hotel guests are then able to connect to the TVs in their rooms using their own devices.

Read on to learn more in detail about what hospitality TV is and how Groove Technology Solutions can help your hotel flourish. Also, the functions that make hospitality TV what it is and why it is right for your hotel.

What Is Hospitality TV?

Hospitality TV is another name for the TVs found in hotels. They can be found in the hallways and guest rooms. Hotels can welcome new guests and show extra services with hospitality TV. Additional services can include:

  • Room service menu and prices
  • The weather
  • Tourist spots around the area

Hospitality TV can also offer on demand services and streaming services, such as:

  • Netflix
  • Showtime on Demand
  • DIRECTV Stream

Who Is Hospitality TV Good For?

Having hospitality TVs in hotels are great for several people:

  • Hotel guests who are visiting or working can have the same or a better TV viewing experience than they can have at home.
  • People who work at the hotel can welcome guests and provide extra services to their guests.
  • Any surrounding businesses can show their advertisements to bring in more business for themselves.

How Will Hospitality TV Help Your Guests?

Hospitality TV can help hotels by providing their guests with a fully customizable experience. Guests can also connect their devices to TVs in their rooms. This way, the TVs in their rooms can play from their phones:

  • Games
  • Music
  • Movies

How Does Hospitality TV Work?

Hospitality TV works by giving your guests a TV viewing experience so that they can continue to watch TV as they would at home or possibly be able to have an experience better than what is available at their home. Hospitality TV is a computer to TV service that makes setting up easier for hotel management and viewing easier for the hotel guests.

There are a few different systems in place that go along with the hospitality systems and enable them to work properly. These systems include:

  • Over-the-Top (OTT) are streaming services like Netflix or Hulu that are delivered over the internet. Many people have access to these features already at home, so having them at your hotel can be greatly beneficial.
  • Free to Guest (FTG) is an option that gives your guests the ability to watch a variety of channels as well as the premium side of things like HBO movies.
  • Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) gives guests the option to view on demand guides using apps available on the TV. The IPTV will also work with hotel management during the initial setup of the hospitality system itself.
  • Cabling Distribution Systems are the same as having a coaxial cable linked up to your hospitality TV setup. LYNK REACH uses this setup to allow hotel management the ability to upgrade and update their setups.

When hotels set up a hospitality TV system, they give themselves the ability to set up the guest viewing options the way the hotel seems fit. All hospitality TV functions are set up from one main computer or main hub that can then send all the information to all the TVs in the hotels at the same time. Whichever apps, functions,t

 or services the hotel wants to make available to their guests can be set up by management from the main computer and then viewed by the hotel guests.

Another technology that aids in hospitality TV working the way it should is with the help of Pro:Idiom technology. This technology gives hotels the reason for not needing set-top boxes in their rooms. This technology is a protection system that helps guests in hotels view digital broadcasts. Signals from the digital broadcasts are securely delivered to TVs in all hotel rooms.

What Functions Come with Hospitality TV?

Hospitality TVs come with many functions, but the two main companies Samsung and LG have their versions of what helps run their hospitality TVs. Samsung has LYNK as their Hospitality TV solution and LG has Pro:Centric as their Hospitality TV solution. The two systems have similarities as far as what they offer hotel guests and employees on both ends.

Samsung LYNK

SamsungEDO shares on their YouTube video how their LYNK system works. The LYNK system is broken into two sections LYNK SINC and LYNK REACH. LYNK SINC is IP based meaning it does not need a cable run to bring the internet in, and LYNK REACH uses a coaxial cable to bring the internet in. Both systems have the following:

  • Easy editing tools allowing hotel staff to set up the main system to fit with the way their hotel runs
  • They both have guest grouping, which will allow the management to set up TVs in rooms only to be able to view specific channels if needed. For example, a guest room that has children staying there can be set up to have more TV shows for kids.
  • Hotel management sets up one main computer, kind of like a home base. This allows any changes, updates, or edits that need to be made to be set up on the main computer and sent out to all the TVs in all the hotel rooms.
  • They offer space saving solutions by lowering maintenance costs
  • Gives a clutter free look to the hotel rooms making these systems more space saving.
  • Offers a specialized guest viewing experience by being able to attach a welcome message to the screens of each guest room
  • Channels for the TVs can be customized to either specific channels or customer content
  • On the main screens of the TV
    • Hotel information can be shown when the TV is first turned on, along with management being able to set the volume to a certain volume to be changed by the guest at a further time.
    • Guest services can be listed along the main screen showing amenities the hotel has to offer. For example, if the hotel has a spa or for a restaurant to show their menu.
    • A list of TV channels can be provided
    • Any apps for the TVs the hotels offer, like Netflix
    • Any tourist attractions around the hotel – places to visit or restaurants to eat at.
    • There is also a spot available on the TV for the guest to view their bill and check out using the TV.

There are some differences between LYNK SINC and LYNK REACH, but not many. 


LYNK SINC does not need a coaxial cable because it is IP based. As a result, the hotel management can unlock cable, satellite, and video on demand providers so that guests are able to watch TV this way if they prefer. This version of LYNK also reduces the cost with embedded solutions due to everything being built into the TV. This can help lower electricity costs due to fewer cables.


LYNK REACH reduces operation costs by using a coaxial cable that can bring in satellite and cable TV automatically. By having a coaxial cable, hotel management can save money by not having to purchase set-top boxes for their TVs. Advertising space can also be purchased by surrounding businesses.

Kalahari Resorts & Conventions

Kalahari Resorts & Conventions wanted new hospitality TVs and management technology. The TVs had to connect easily to guest’s devices and hold up to the harsh conditions of the indoor waterpark. For their hotel rooms, Kalahari wanted easier menu navigation on their TVs. They also wanted guests to be entertained while enjoying a rented cabana.

In the bars and lobby, TVs needed to be able to show:

  • Special events
  • Daily activities
  • Promotions 

They also wanted a centralized area for management to be able to take care of all these needs at once. Samsung’s solution was the Samsung Hospitality TVs with LYNK REACH. Around 1,500 smart TVs were placed throughout the property in:

  • Guest rooms
  • Cabanas
  • Lounges
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • The lobby

The guest rooms now have fully featured TVs where guests can connect their devices. The TVs themselves also feature:

  • Volume limiters
  • Lock out controls
  • Hotel channels
  • USB cloning
  • Maximum viewing due to TV rotation

Content playing on the signage displays in the bar can be synchronized to appear to have one larger image, like an African wildlife scene.

On the hotel management side, Kalahari can now take advantage of promotions, make updates, change, and program channels all from one location. The TVs have simplified management, allowing everyone to pay more attention to the guests while they are visiting the hotel.

LG Pro:Centric Hospitality TV

Pro:Centric has only one version available. LG Hellas shows in their YouTube video how Pro:Centric can be used from the hotel management’s view and from the guest’s view.

Hotel Management

Hotel management has access to: 

  • An editor that the hotel can manage and update from one main computer. The editor allows hotel management to show a welcome message and brand the network with their logos and colors.
  • A remote manager that offers TV cloning and channel mapping. 
    • TV cloning is the same Samsung has to offer where the main TV pushes all the information out to all the guest rooms at one time.
    • Channel mapping is letting hotel management choose channel assignments that will direct guests to networks or services.
  • It is very cost effective for hotels to set up: 
    • There is no need for set-top boxes due to everything being wireless 
    • The TVs have wireless access built in, which eliminates wireless internet costs 
    • It also reduces maintenance costs by eliminating room by room installation.

Hotel Guests Perspective of LG Pro:Centric Hospitality TV

From a hotel guest’s viewpoint inside their rooms, many functions are available. Hotel facilities can show

  • A welcome message directly for whomever is staying there along with a language choice option.
  • The weather is displayed with a nation or region option.
  • Hotel facilities, such as room service or spa information are available.
  • Special offers the hotels might have during specific time periods.
  • The news is available; instead of picking up a newspaper, hotel guests can read it right off the TV from the comfort of their rooms.
  • An attractions option can show what is nearby the hotel to do or visit, some examples are:
    • Malls
    • Restaurants
    • Places like the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls
  • Airline and ticketing so that your guests can make flight reservations or make it to the airport on time.
  • Wireless internet is available so that your guests can connect to the TVs in their rooms through their laptops or phones.
  • Guests are also able to view their bills and check out from their rooms.

The Enchanted Hospitality Ultra HD TV comes with two different series of their TV each with sizes

  • 65 inches
  • 55 inches
  • 49 inches
  • 43 inches

The LG Hospitality TVs also offer a menu lock feature and anti-theft to deny anyone the ability to steal the TV. Hotels can also set the volume on the TV to an easy listening level that can later be changed by the guest.

New Guest Room Entertainment Technologies for Hospitality TVs

There are new in room entertainment technologies making their way into the hospitality TV industries. A few examples are Dish, Samsung, LG, and Apple TV that will be explained in greater detail below.


Dish offers EVOLVE TV to allow hotel guests to access their personal accounts through apps like Netflix with the ability to watch from their personal devices anywhere on hotel property.

Samsung’s newest UHD TVs will allow guests to switch between viewing the welcome screen and what will look like artwork or wall décor. Samsung will also be able to enable hotel guests to control in their rooms the 

  • Lights
  • Opening or closing the drapes
  • Setting the temperature

In Room Tablets from Intelity New

Intelity New is an in-room tablet that will be fully set up like the hospitality TV, but smaller. This way, it can be carried around the room with the guests in case they are not within an area able to view the TV.

Alexa Integration With LG

Alexa will integrate with LG hotel hospitality TVs. Echo devices that are already installed can allow guests to connect to their Amazon accounts and listen to their music. The security of the users will be temporary, probably just during their stay at the hotel. After Alexa integrates, guests will be able to book services and work the TVs in their rooms hands free.

New Voice Controls from Beyond TV

Beyond TV offers GuestCast that has voice controls and streaming favorites such as:

  • Netflix
  • HBO Go – this is free with an HBO subscription and allows free streaming of HBO movies
  • Showtime
  • Hulu
  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • NBC Sports – you can watch NBA sports coverage live
  • ESPN

These examples are just a small number of what is available out there. Also, because hospitality TV is not going to be going anywhere anytime soon, there will continue to be newer and more advances in the hospitality TV market.

What Hotel Guests Are Asking For

Giuseppe Carpintieri says, “Hotel guests want to be able to watch TV in their rooms with the same similarities and accessibility as in their own homes.” Nowadays, almost everything is online, and most of the time people are on their phones. Being able to instantly connect to the internet, which in turn connects to the TV, is a huge bonus. With technology getting better and faster, hotels need to make changes to keep up.

For example, Mr. Jones decides to stay at a hotel. He gets the Wi-Fi password when he checks in at the front desk. He enters his room, sits down, and turns the TV on. The first screen says “Welcome Mr. Jones” with a menu along the bottom or possibly on the side. He pulls up Hulu on his phone and is able to connect to the TV. Mr. Jones is now able to watch Hulu from his phone on the TV in his hotel room.

The more often this kind of scenario is available the happier hotel guests will be. If the guests have a great experience, they can then become returning customers.

How Hospitality Solutions Are Reaching Farther than Hotels

Delaware North provides concessions at U.S. Cellular Field. They also operate the Bullpen Sports Bar and wanted to help drive promotions to the Chicago Sports Depot retail store. Digital menus were installed to replace old light up menu boxes. 

The Samsung solution was to use Ping HD and Smart Signage Displays. With this solution in place, concessions can now display:

  • Product lists
  • Prices for products
  • Advertisements for items at other concession carts

The advertisements of products have been extremely helpful. Also, advertisements for the Sports Depot can be displayed when customers are standing in line. The content available on the signage boards can be scheduled ahead of time before each game. Due to easily able to access the available information from:

  • Android desktops
  • Android notebooks
  • Android smartphones

When or if the concession stand runs out of an item, someone can access the menu from one of the three options above, and remove that item. This way, customers do not have to find out when they get up to the register what they wanted to order is no longer available. If it changes while they are standing in line, by the time the customer gets to the register, they can already have a new option picked.

Samsung’s Solution for SLS Las Vegas

SLS Las Vegas wanted to provide guests with access to the latest movies and shows on demand. They also wanted to allow guests to have more room convenience and access to up-to-date hotel information. The Samsung solution installed 2.200 Samsung Smart TVs throughout the property.

In-room entertainment guests can access amenities by touching a button. Guests can also request laundry pick-up or valet service from their TVs as well. Guests have access to on-demand content through Samsung’s LYNK solution.

Guests in the lobby are able to use Samsung Galaxy tablets located at the check-in counters. These tablets also provide guests the ability to do a self-check-in. The TVs in or by the restaurants, bars, and gambling tables were installed to continuously keep guests entertained.

Samsung’s Solution for The Walton Arts Center

The Walton Arts Center wanted new equipment for the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion, an outdoor amphitheater. They wanted the outdoor amphitheater to be used for:

  • Musicians
  • Cultural shows
  • Private gatherings
  • Charity events
  • Company meetings
  • Special events

The Samsung solution was to use displays and tablets. Both sides of the stage have 25 foot high and 14-foot wide video walls. This allows viewers farther away to see artist close-ups or video imagery during shows. The video walls can also display upcoming events and sponsor acknowledgments. The area where artists wait before they perform also has displays available for entertainment purposes.

The concession areas have digital menu boards displayed using Samsung’s smart signage. In the VIP lounge, people taking orders use the Galaxy tablets. These orders are then sent to the bartenders making drink deliveries quicker. There are also displays that allow guests to watch and stay entertained.

Visitors and performers enjoy the upgrades that have been made. The video walls have been a huge hit for both visitors and performers. The digital menu boards allow the venue to be flexible in testing prices on items to see what sells better at what price. The displays in the VIP lounge allow visitors to view upcoming events. Promotions going on and sponsored content can be shown as well.

Find out How Groove Technology Solutions Can Improve Your Business

All in all, Hospitality TVs are more than just a TV in a hotel. It is an entire system that allows for better viewing on the guest side and easier functionality on the hotel management side. Hotel guests are now able to have a TV viewing experience similar to what they have at home. The internet is not going anywhere, so Hospitality TVs will be a hotel solution that will continue to grow for years to come.

At Groove Technology Solutions, we know that your hotel’s guests want to stay entertained. As an industry leader who has worked with businesses across all 50 states, we know what it takes to increase your hotel’s bottom line. Our work is backed by friendly customer service and fast response times. Find out the Groove Technology Solutions difference today and get in touch with our experts.