Using Smart Energy Systems Lowers Utility Costs

Written by Sidney Rogers

Using Smart Energy Systems Lowers Utility Costs

Installing a smart energy system, or EMS, within your hotel or resort will greatly reduce energy consumption. These systems are designed to examine interior and exterior conditions including weather temperature and the presence of human activity.

Installing smart thermostats throughout the resort or hotel can adjust temperature automatically. This helps keep interior space comfortable while reducing high costs from heating or cooling

Replacing fixtures with smart systems allows you to set preferred time usage. Smart fixtures include:

  • Lights
  • Switches
  • Outlets

These can be controlled manually or through voice activation. Some have motion or thermal sensors to detect the presence of people in a room. If no one is there, the system can turn the lights off, reducing costs.

Smart technology is also used to help with predictive maintenance. Devices can be placed on plumbing and appliances that will monitor the usage of these appliances. These can communicate with the user informing them of upcoming servicing needs, or current problems.

A predictive device could let you know if there is a leaking faucet in a room, allowing you to fix it before large amounts of money drip down the drain. Installing predictive maintenance technology will help reduce costs associated with:

  • Energy costs and consumption
  • Repair time
  • Replacement of Appliances