Technology for Your Business Guests

Written by Sidney Rogers

Technology for Your Business Guests

For the guests traveling for business it is that much more important to have a strong, state of the art, technological infrastructure available. If they are able to perform their work with ease and with little to no interruption, you have most likely won them over. These guests will seek you out for future stays, both in business and personal trips.

Multiple electrical outlets and USB outlets are a must for the business traveler. They need to keep their devices connected and charged at all times. Having to search for a place to plug in can be time consuming and frustrating. Multiple outlets should be found in:

  • Rooms
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Conference areas

This, with high speed wifi available throughout the hotel and resort ground, helps ensure your business guest can work where and when they need to.

Having well equipped conference rooms where your business guests can meet with other colleagues and associates is also high in demand. These meeting spaces are more than just large rooms. This is where presentations and business deals come together.

Some innovative tech ideas for the meeting room are uninterrupted wifi to allow flawless integration of the meeting is a necessity for the conference room. Screen sharing technologies through the cloud  should also be offered to allow mirroring of the main display onto devices such as laptops.

Ensure there are plenty of outlets. Even the floor space can be used for easy access to charge computers or plug in various instruments. Supply a conference phone and speaker system to allow your business guests a clear way to speak with business associates from afar.

Install surround sound audio to ensure those attending a meeting can clearly hear what is being said.

Offering a video conference system adds a bit more to the conference phone. Being able to see who you are meeting with helps everyone stay more focused and share charts and data in real time.

Supply interactive whiteboards. These allow the presenter to draw on the board while those following the presentation have the drawing appear on their laptops at the same time. This makes it easy for those in the presentation to save relevant information.

Install sensors for occupancy; these detect how much movement is in the conference room. If there is not any, then lights will dim or turn off, and the temperature will adjust. This can save you money by reducing energy consumption.

Having a reliable and flexible control system in the conference room is also important. With a control system, the guest is able to seamlessly connect different wireless tools in the room with other devices.