Security in Hospitality and Technology Integration

Written by Sidney Rogers

Security in Hospitality and Technology Integration

Safety is of top priority for your guests and employees. Technology is here to protect your guests and your property. Whether avoiding cyber attacks and theft or the protection of physical wellbeing, your hotel or resort must have a security system.

Security Surveillance Cameras are Essential

Security surveillance cameras inside and outside the hotel have become essential. These cameras can be wireless or wired. They can be hidden in lights on the grounds or openly noticeable within the corridors. Anywhere that is considered a public area can and should be monitored.

Robotic Security Guards

Another technological route is using robotic security. These robots cruise the grounds and corridors, recording everything around them. This could be a bit safer for actual security staff, as the robots would allow human security to see the threat from a safe distance and assess what needs to be done.

Facial Recognition Technology for Security

Not all hotels and resorts need facial recognition. However, some places are more prone to underhand and criminal activity in the area. Using facial recognition devices that can be directly linked to the FBI might help fight crime while turning the business’s reputation and the neighborhood around.

Other Technologically Advanced Security Menuevers

Other security maneuvers may include changing guest room door locks to keyless and cardless entry. With this technology your guests could use their phones to open their doors. Still, other keyless entry systems use fingerprints or facial recognition. This helps your guests feel secure that an unknown person will not be able to gain access to their room.