7 Ways to Make Your Hotel More Secure

Written by Ana Boechat

7 Ways to Make Your Hotel More Secure

If you are in hotel management and want to make your hotel more secure, there are several things you need to implement right away.

Despite the strong security policies and procedures that hotels have in place, they are unfortunately still vulnerable to many types of crimes, including fraud, theft, cyberattacks, and more. This is why hotel management must take precautionary steps and update their security programs. 

When hotel management and their employees prioritize safety and security, many theft and other dangers can be minimized; robust hotel security results in a safer and better guest experience, which is most important.

The safety and security of your guests are paramount to the success of your business, so today, we’re looking into seven ways you can improve the security of your hotel. Continue reading to learn more.

7 Effective Ways to Make Your Hotel More Secure

Here’s what you can do to make your hotel more secure:

  1. Have an Emergency Response Plan in Place — Every member of your team should be briefed thoroughly about what to do in the event of an emergency.
    Hold meetings regularly with law enforcement officials to ensure open communication is in place, and update your place as often as necessary. Doing so will keep your staff prepared, calm, and knowledgeable so that they can offer support to your guests in a worst-case scenario.

  2. Gather Electrical Installation Condition Reports — The electrical supply to your hotel is a potential security issue. To protect against these types of problems, gathering electrical installation condition reports often is necessary.
    Since your business is likely open 24/7 and in constant operation, your systems have undoubtedly experienced normal wear and tear and the occasional overload.
    An electrical installation condition report performed by a qualified election will ensure that the electronics in each room are fit to use. Schedule periodic checks to ensure you limit the risk of electrical shocks resulting in fires or accidents and injuries.
  3. Install Security Cameras Throughout Your Hotel — A logical and effective way to help your guests feel safe is to install security cameras throughout your property. But it’s important to understand that a surveillance system isn’t enough. Make sure you staff employees or hire a third party to help you monitor your setup.
  4. Secure Your Online Data — Physical security is only one aspect of safety that you need to worry about. Your hotel’s online data is subject to danger and has become a prime target for cyberattacks.
    Many prominent hotels in the industry have fallen victims to cyberattacks. In fact, the hospitality and tourism industry has the second-highest number of cybersecurity breaches.
    Ensure the safety of your files and information and reduce online data security risks by keeping your systems in check and updating them often. Back up your data regularly to eliminate the risk of losing it or irreversibly damaged by using a cloud service daily and weekly server backups every week. You should also have quarterly and yearly backups.
    Like your own electronics, security is important for your business devices. Change your passwords often, and make sure to change them again whenever a team member leaves to avoid any breaches.
  5. Gas Safety — Like your electricity, natural gas safety is essential. Your gas supply and all appliances that use gas should be checked periodically.
    All appliances or units that guests have direct contact with inside or outside their rooms should be checked annually. Have your staff conduct visual checks regularly to help spot any apparent faults and damaged pipework or connections.
    Install carbon dioxide and monoxide alarms throughout your property. When levels are dangerous, an audible alarm should sound and should automatically shut off your gas connection. These alarms will alert you to any issues and help you avoid any catastrophes.
  6. Dress Your Staff in Uniforms — Dressing your employees in uniforms is an effective and important security measure. In addition to helping your operation look smart and professional, it gives your guests a clear understanding of who they can approach with questions and concerns. It also lets them know who is indeed allowed in certain areas of the hotel.
  7. Evaluate, Improve, Repeat — Ensure your hotel is continually safe by evaluating the systems you have in place, making any improvements, and then repeating this process. Conduct weekly reviews, audits, and assessments to ensure your hotel is always as safe as possible. Make checklists for your staff to ensure areas on your property are clean, safe, and well-lit.
    As a hotel manager or owner, liability needs to be at the top of your mind. If something unsafe happens, whether it be a robbery or an accident, the issue must be addressed quickly. Do not ignore it. Do something to ensure that specific event cannot and will not happen again.

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