Cellular Amplification

Cellular Amplification Systems
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WilsonPro's customizable cellular repeater systems amplify cell coverage for all carriers across all industries.

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Nextivity Inc. develops award-winning Cel-Fi products that optimize cellular coverage in Commercial and Hospitality.

Boost Your Wireless Coverage

Delivering reliable mobile phone and wireless signals, Cellular Amplification helps give your property the convenience of fewer dropped calls, fewer dead spots, more convenience for your guests or residents—plus better safety in an emergency situation. We’ve designed and installed DAS that helps extend and amplify signals inside facilities large and small, as well as sprawling resorts, properties, and campus environments.

Cellular Amplification Technology

Cellular Amplification Delivers More Coverage

Although it’s not a particularly well-known name for a technology that’s been around for quite a few years, Cellular Amplification Systems are cell phone signal amplifiers that enable the use of wireless devices, technologies, and applications indoors—where a signal was previously weak or unavailable before.