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Atria Rocklin is a thoughtfully designed senior living and memory care community located in Rocklin, California. It offers 160 rooms and apartments across 3 residential buildings, and residents enjoy green walking paths around the campus-like community, fine dining, and a full calendar of daily events designed to foster learning, creativity, exercise, and connection.

Always seeking to serve its residents better, Atria Rocklin’s Support Center looked into how it could leverage the recently completed WiFi upgrade. The objective was to find a more cost-effective and senior-friendly solution for cable television.

“We were providing an enhanced basic cable television package,” said Dana Stansel, Executive Director. “From there, residents could add additional services directly with the provider if they wished.”

When Dana spoke with a Groove representative to discuss options available to the community, it quickly became clear that Groove could deliver exactly what Atria Rocklin needed.

“Groove’s customer service is outstanding. We had super on-site support when the technology concierge came to train residents. She really went above and beyond our expectations.”

– Dana Stansel, Executive Director

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Groove has been known as a leading provider of technology services for commercial and hospitality facilities for nearly two decades. The company’s solutions-oriented approach has led to a broad offering of technology solutions tailored to demanding customers seeking value.

“Even though Groove’s package fit our needs, I was definitely hesitant about changing services,” said Dana. “Change is difficult for the population we serve. This is especially true when it comes to technology. They had gotten comfortable with their remote control and knew where their favorite channels were, and we planned to give them something new and different. We had to handle the entire process with care. The Groove team understood that.”

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To make the transition smoother for the technology-nervous residents, Groove deployed an on-site technology concierge. After the installation, this Groove representative went to the community to personally train staff and residents on using the newly installed DIRECTV technology.

Over the course of several days, the technology concierge went door to door and walked each resident through the functions of the remote control, how to navigate the new platform on-screen, and where to find their favorite channels.

Thanks to the efforts of Groove’s technology concierge, the residents at Atria Rocklin enjoy their new DIRECTV. The residents were pleased with the upgrade and training processes, and they gave both positive and constructive feedback.

“As a company, we are serious about customer satisfaction,” said Dana. “I’m pleased to say that because the technology concierge was so friendly and supportive, our residents learned the new technology quickly and were extremely complimentary of the concierge’s help.”