Simple Ways to Boost Your Cell Phone Coverage

Written by Ana Boechat

Simple Ways to Boost Your Cell Phone Coverage

According to the Pew Research Center, 88% of American adults own a cell phone, making the need to boost your cell phone coverage important. Out of this overwhelming number of people, 72% have experienced dropped calls occasionally, with some 32% of adults saying they encounter this issue at least a few times per week. 

In today’s digital age, a spotty reception can be detrimental to your work and connections, so you must establish a solution to spotty coverage. Here are some simple ways to boost your cell phone coverage so everyone on your property can enjoy a seamless wireless connection. 

Troubleshooting Smaller Issues 

Before you get to larger-scale issues, you should root out any smaller problems that could be causing weak cell phone coverage. 

Check Your Provider’s Coverage 

One of the first things you should do is check with your provider to see if their service in your area is worth it. Most providers will have a coverage map at which you can look. This map will show you where your provider can provide ample coverage and where you’ll find dead spots and weaker coverage.

Suppose you’re located in one of these weaker signal areas. In that case, you may want to consider changing providers unless you’re dedicated to moving your entire business to stay on your current plan. 

You can also check with them to see if you might just need new equipment or troubleshoot if you should have a stronger signal and suspect something is wrong. A cell phone company will most likely try to solve your issues before you cancel with them because they’ll want to keep you as a customer. 

Consider Individual Phones

Getting a new phone case might seem weird, but some cellphone cases are poorly designed and can interfere with your service by blocking the antenna. If you find that only one or two people are losing signal while the rest of the individuals on your property are getting reception with no issues, it may be their phones.

Another fix could be to turn airplane mode on the phone on and off. Sometimes, a phone won’t automatically connect to a network with the best signal, and turning airplane mode on and off will act as a reset. 

A faulty or old SIM card can also be a culprit for weak cell phone coverage. Individuals experiencing signal issues while others aren’t should look into replacing their SIM cards. 

Troubleshooting Larger Issues

There are some instances where there are more prominent factors at play. If you’re still dealing with coverage issues after troubleshooting the smaller issues, you might want to consider the following. 

Find Out If Your Building Was Built for Wireless 

Older buildings bring complications as new technologies arise and business infrastructures evolve. New businesses that rely heavily on wireless technology could be struggling to receive a solid and consistent signal for various reasons. 

A building’s insulation, durability, and cost-efficiency are all factors that are prioritized over wireless connectivity, and this is where most problems begin for businesses. 

If you aren’t getting a strong signal, look at how your building is set up. Wood, drywall, plastics, and glass can all impede cellular signals, which is why the layout is vital to good connectivity. If you let too much clutter build up in your building, this could also contribute to weak cellular coverage.

Newer buildings might have a more open floorplan, making it easier for wireless signals to travel, while older buildings might have more walls in the way. If you’re based in an older building, you may want to consider a layout renovation. 

Test Different Rooms 

You’ll find that cell coverage can vary from room to room within a building. If you’re struggling to get a proper signal in one room, you may want to try moving to a different room. This faulty coverage could be because one part of your building is closer to a cell tower than others. The closer you are to the cell tower, the better signal your device will have. 

Outdoor Obstacles

Alternatively to building materials, you could lack provider coverage if you’re situated in an area with many outdoor obstacles. Outside interference can include the following: 

  • Trees and shrubbery
  • Hills
  • Mountains
  • Tall structures, such as other buildings
  • Harsh weather conditions.

While you may not be able to control the weather, you can trim foliage on your property to see if that helps boost your cell phone coverage.

Consider Population Density in Your Area

Cell towers can only hold a certain number of connections at any given time. If you notice that your coverage suffers because you’re in a higher-density area, you may want to consider cellular amplification.

Invest in Cellular Amplification 

Cellular amplification systems provide functionality and convenience and generate more guest satisfaction in places like retail and accommodation. No matter the industry, a robust cellular connection is crucial to everyone on your property – employee and guests alike. 

A cellular amplification system is made up of three main components. These include the following: 

  • The Donor Antenna: an outdoor antenna at which the signal amplifier connects. 
  • The Signal Amplifier: this device takes the original signal from the donor antenna and amplifies it. 
  • The Indoor Antenna: this antenna rebroadcasts the amplified signal indoors and delivers reception where a signal couldn’t previously reach. 

This technology has been around for some time and is the best solution for weak cell phone coverage. If you don’t know where to start with cellular amplification, it may be good to reach out to a company specializing in installing these systems. 

Boost Your Cell Phone Coverage with Groove Technology Solutions

If you’re struggling to get good coverage, reach out to the professionals at Groove Technology Solutions for ways to boost your cell phone coverage. We can help you take care of dead spots to eliminate dropped calls and messages, giving your guests a more pleasant experience. Get in touch with us today to request a quote!