Should Hotels Have Security Cameras in Parking Lots?

Written by Dan Star

Should Hotels Have Security Cameras in Parking Lots?

Most hotels have security cameras throughout their property to keep their guests as safe as possible and protect themselves from lawsuits if anything happens. However, some hotels don’t extend the same security measures to their parking lots. 

Hotels should have security cameras in their parking lots because these spaces are targets for criminal activity. In addition to increasing safety, installing security cameras in parking lots helps customers choose a hotel with more peace of mind.  

The rest of this article explains why hotel parking lots need security cameras, other ways to increase parking lot safety, and some parking lot safety tips for those leaving their vehicle in the lot. Parking lots can be dangerous places, so keep reading if you want your hotel to be as safe as possible or if you stay in many hotels and want to keep yourself and your belongings secure. 

The Importance of Security Cameras in Hotel Parking Lots 

Hotels are unfortunately soft targets for crime due to the large influx of guests that come and go daily, and inadequate security measures can have dire consequences. Many hotels have security cameras within the building, but some forget about the importance of keeping every part of the hotel safe, including the parking lot.  

Parking lots are especially prone to trouble by virtue of their location and design. Most parking lots have a lot of hiding places and poor sight-lines that might attract criminal activity. If your parking lot security is insufficient, your guests might have their belongings taken from their vehicles, or worse, their lives may be put in danger. Hotel parking lots are even riskier because the cars may be parked and unattended for long periods.  

Not only is that terrible for your guests, but it’s damaging to the hotel’s reputation as well, putting the hotel at risk of liability and lawsuits. 

Installing security cameras in the parking lot will let guests know that the hotel prioritizes safety and has tight security measures in place. It will help guests feel safe throughout their stay, from the moment they get out of their car to when they get back in. 

Security cameras are a great way to monitor activity and, if something does happen, a camera allows the hotel to provide footage to law enforcement and help any investigation. Cameras also protect the hotel against any lawsuits for the activity that happens on the premises. 

Other Ways To Increase Parking Lot Safety

Having security cameras in the parking lot isn’t the only way to make the lots safer from criminal activity. Here are some other suggestions: 

  • Brighten up the lot. Shadowy corners and pathways aren’t safe, and they’re scary for guests! Do everything you can to make sure your parking lot is well-lit. 
  • Have security patrols. You can have security officers drive through your parking lot regularly and several times a night to increase security. 
  • Have a safe waiting area. If a guest is waiting outside in the parking lot for their rideshare or taxi service, they’re in more danger than safe inside the lobby. Create a designated space in your lobby where guests feel comfortable waiting for their ride. 
  • Install a barrier. If the hotel is in an area with high crime rates or you just want it to be as safe as possible, consider installing a fence, security structure, or gate to keep out unwanted access. 

Security cameras will make the parking lot safer for everyone, and doing all of the above will only help more. There’s no such thing as too safe, so why not do everything you can to protect those entering and exiting the hotel? 

Parking Lot Safety Tips 

Having security cameras in the parking lot is helpful, but there are things that guests at the hotel can do to protect their safety and the security of their belongings. Here are some safety tips: 

  • Choose a secure hotel. While parking lot crime and theft happen in hotel parking lots at all price points, guests can call hotels ahead of their stay and ask about their parking lot security. Try to pick a hotel with a parking lot that’s well-lit and where you can see your car from the hotel window. 
  • Pick a good parking spot. Cars parked under the lights or close to the lobby or office tend to be safer than those parked in corners, under trees, or behind other objects, such as dumpsters. 
  • Don’t leave any valuables in your car. Even if there are no valuables in sight, cars can be broken into, but you shouldn’t tempt any theft. Bring your valuables into the hotel with you, and don’t leave any bags or notable objects visible. 
  • If you’re storing things in your trunk, park “trunk out.” This means parking in a way that the trunk is facing the lot aisle, so if someone does try to break in, they’re more likely to be noticed by someone else in the lot. 
  • Don’t spend too much time in the lot. Walk to and from your car with your keys in hand, and try to avoid looking distracted or lost (even if you forgot where you parked!). Immediately lock your car as soon as you get inside. If you’re walking to your car at night, consider asking hotel security to walk with you. 

It’s best to do everything you can to protect yourself, even if the hotel parking lot does have cameras installed.   


Hotel parking lots are susceptible to crime, so all hotels should have security cameras in their parking lots to keep guests and hotel staff safe and secure. Additionally, everyone should do their part to keep themselves and their belongings safe. With hotels being prone to criminal activity, it’s essential to do everything possible to increase safety. 

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