Video Surveillance

Ensuring Safety and Comfort.


Manage surveillance via a secure and reliable system

Video Surveillance Systems installed and implemented across the property not only enhance the legal safeguards but also elevate the standard of service and comfort offered to residents and guests giving added comfort to families.


Prioritizing Safety and Security

Residents and their families prioritize their safety and security when choosing a place to live, and a comprehensive video surveillance system acts as a deterrent to potential threats while offering management real-time insights into property operations.

Such systems can monitor high-traffic areas like lobbies, pools, parking lots, including property common spaces, ensuring quick responses to any irregularities.

Additionally, these surveillance tools assist in resolving disputes, verifying incidents, and even enhancing staff productivity which gives management a significant advantage in maintaining a seamless operating environment.


24/7 Support

Understandably Video Surveillance as a standard within senior living and assisted living environments serves as an essential tool for ensuring a safe and secure atmosphere. With the addition of active engineered monitoring and the 24/7 support of Groove’s customer service team there is never a gap in attention or response.

With Video Surveillance Systems, establishments can promise residents and their families valuable peace of mind, emphasizing their commitment to creating a safe and welcoming environment allowing them to concentrate on what is most important…their lives.


Let us assist you in making the best choice to meet your security requirements as easily as possible.

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