Managed Wi-fi

Seamless connectivity for
every guest

Exclusive Wi-Fi brought to you with unwavering reliability

Powered by a harmonious blend of the latest hardware and software, a solution that ensures continuous updates and steadfast performance. 

Technology that
connects humanity

Residents today expect not just Wi-Fi, but IN HAND, seamless, high-speed connections to power their diverse online activities which have never been more valuable day-to-day.

From streaming a favorite movie to a reliable connection for a business meeting or a FaceTime with kids and grandkids, with Exclusive Wi-Fi, properties not only meet this demand but exceed it.

Operators who invest in such a robust system, reduce the frequency of costly downtimes and resident complaints, often leading to reimbursements or goodwill discounts.

Groove transforms the complex into the simple.

Stellar Connected Experience

Resident experience can drive positive reviews and happier caretakers, bolstering a property's reputation and building that waiting list through effective word-of-mouth results.

More connection is ALWAYS a better connection


Powered by highest level industry partners, delivering seamless technology integration you can trust.

Better Wi-Fi means more communication and less irritation

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