Step by Step Protection.


Automatically Senses and Alerts because life is always moving.

A technology that automatically senses and alerts when a person has taken a fall, often used to ensure the safety of individuals at risk and used most effectively to mitigate short and long term injuries that are caused by falls.


Elevate your property’s reputation

For families with elderly members or individuals with certain health conditions, knowing that the facility has such protective measures can be a deciding factor when choosing where to live.

While properties do accommodate the needs of the ADA, fall detection as an available service will help your property's reputation as one whose mantra revolves around the wants AND the needs of its residents.

For Operators:

For operators who are continually looking for smart methodologies and programs that have real potential for low cost entry and high perceived value, providing a fall protection service is an updated effort to stop and help grandma cross the street…or at a minimum help to know when she’s fallen and needs help getting up.

Live your life on your terms.

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