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Access Control within senior living and assisted living communities, becomes a cornerstone of safety and personalized care we are proud to offer. It provides a sophisticated system to monitor and manage entry points both at the perimeter and within the facility itself.

Access control ensures residents have a secure environment, and easy access to their homes while preventing unauthorized entry. Maintaining a safe and private environment for residents with smooth operational effectiveness for staff is the Groove goal.

Empowering Senior Living: Strategic Technology Solutions.

Senior Living environments have unique nuances that require a strategic approach to best accommodate the needs of its residents and guests.

Addressing the varying levels of resident mobility and the need for emergency response access as well as security measures cannot be ignored when providing the best technology solutions.

Give your property residents the freedom to live worry free while safeguarding against potential intruders and ensuring that family and healthcare providers can visit with ease. 

Providing your residents the best available user-centric experience, and ensuring that residents feel confident and comfortable with the easy-to-use technology is the result of our Access Control Technology.

The value proposition is peace of mind for both residents and their loved ones but a streamlined staff workload and ease of operation is the most tangible return on investment in this service.


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Secure = Independence

Independence and protection with the confidence to navigate life is the result of  Groove's Access Control.  Together we can create an atmosphere of security and belonging, making Senior Living communities not just a place to live, but a place to thrive…and dance, laugh and play and…[add your dreams here, we are listening]. 

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