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Groove and DIRECTV

Is a valuable partnership which allows you to transform your RV park or campground into an entertainment oasis.

Provide your guests with a variety of choices from the latest blockbuster movies, premium shows, to sports events, all through cutting-edge technology.

Nature's Cinema

Balancing adventure with relaxation is the name of the game, and our premium TV services contribute significantly to this experience.

With DIRECTV each cabin becomes a mini theater, offering guests the luxury of home-style entertainment amidst the natural beauty of your park.

No boxes are required

No upfront Costs”, and “Low monthly costs


The Advanced Entertainment Plataform (AEP)

Delivers next-gen content solutions for an enhanced entertainment experience which is rapidly becoming the expectation of deserving guests. Delight hotel guests with the best satellite TV with DIRECTV’s most popular HD entertainment systems which are available with equipment subsidies to offset installation costs.

DIRECTV Hospitality arms you with the necessary tools and support to provide an outstanding TV viewing experience. Your guests can enjoy a wide range of HD quality content, backed by reliable business support.

DIRECTV extends beyond a mere selection of channels; it offers guests the opportunity to tailor their viewing to their tastes and interests, an unexpected benefit to staying at your park or campground.

*Regional Sports Networks req’d. CHOICE Package or higher. Blackout restr’s apply. Avail. of RSNs varies by zip code and pkg.

Unrivaled Entertainment

Make sure your guests never have to wonder about their viewing options – with Groove and DIRECTV, your guests will understand there’s plenty of stars to see in the night sky…and on their screens.

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