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Groove and DIRECTV Transform Your Venue

Transform your restaurant, bar, or fitness center into an entertainment destination with Groove technology and DIRECTV’s satellite delivered content.

Through MediaTune™ you can offer patrons a broadcast viewing experience that surpasses their expectations.

Creating the right atmosphere in a bar or restaurant is a different strategy to appease the senses and interests of the viewing audience at the time.

Curate a mix of ambiance and entertainment with the widest array of options, and this is where our top-tier TV services shine.

They turn any space into an entertainment hub, whether it's for casual dining, lively bar environments, or active fitness centers, your options are as diverse as your audience.

The Advanced Entertainment

The entertainment desires of today’s patrons include the latest feeds and updates and will enjoy DIRECTV’s most popular HD content; and the potential for equipment subsidies makes installation more manageable for your business.

Uninterrupted HD Entertainment

DIRECTV provides never-miss-the-moment programming and support needed to deliver a superior TV viewing experience.

This ensures that guests enjoy an uninterrupted range of HD quality content, backed by reliable business support.

DIRECTV offers more than a variety of channels; it provides the flexibility for you to provide preferred program viewing, catering to diverse tastes and enhancing their overall viewing experience.

In your establishment, offering a range of TV services plays a crucial role in creating the right mood for relaxation, socializing, and motivation.

The ability for you to provide your guests a tailored viewing experience significantly enhances their time spent in your establishment.

*Regional Sports Networks req’d. CHOICE Package or higher. Blackout restr’s apply. Avail. of RSNs varies by zip code and pkg.

Unrivaled Entertainment

Incorporate DIRECTV’s extensive services to create a memorable and enjoyable environment for your guests. With Groove and DIRECTV, your best moment will be ensuring they don’t miss THEIR moments.

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