Managed Wi-fi

Gorilla campaigns powered
by strong connection

Experiences are best shared

Managed Wi-Fi, the ultimate high-performance connectivity solution built for environments that revolve around high standards and elevated experiences, namely restaurants, bars, and fitness centers.

Powered by the latest in hardware and software technology, this service guarantees continuous updates and consistent reliability.

Stellar Connected Experience

At Groove, we recognize that each venue is unique. That's why our engineering team is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience, no matter the size or specific technological requirements of your space.

A reliable Wi-Fi connection is key to elevating customer satisfaction and can lead to positive reviews and repeat visits.

Customer Satisfaction Amplified

The immediate advantage is a more satisfied clientele, but the long-term benefits are seen in operational efficiency and savings.

With Groove’s Managed Wi-Fi, you're not just providing a service; you're enhancing the entire customer experience evidenced by more 6 pack selfies, more 5 star reviews and creating more traffic FOR your business.

Stadium Tech Transformation: Groove's Managed Wi-Fi Unleashed

With Groove’s Managed Wi-Fi, transform your arena or stadium into a high-tech hub that keeps visitors connected, and every event filled with happy selfies and positive vibes.


Better Wi-Fi means more communication and less irritation.

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