cellular amplification

Put your hands, and your phones UP!

Groove's Top-Tier Cellular Amplification

Groove's top-tier Cellular Amplification will be an additional benefit of your exceptional customer experience, ensuring strong and reliable cellular reception throughout your establishment.

Our strategically placed hardware provides an extensive and dependable signal pathway, despite the potential interferences, offering patrons and staff a seamless cellular communication experience.

Performance Leadership

Ease of Install

Leaders in Value


Carrier Grade Approved

Reliable Solutions for Uninterrupted Connectivity

Whether committed to fitness, health or a social agenda, uninterrupted cellular service is not just a convenience.

it's a necessity. Groove’s cellular solution addresses the common challenges of dropped calls and poor reception.

This level of reliable connectivity is what guests and members expect while multitasking between leisure and work.

For restaurants, bars, and fitness centers, offering more than just basic amenities, but ensuring a consistently connected environment, significantly enhances the overall experience of your patrons and clients. Improving cellular connectivity not only boosts customer satisfaction but also positions your establishment as a modern, tech-forward space.

Take connection to
another level!

Partnering with Groove transforms your business into a space that’s not just about dining, socializing, or working out, but a hub of seamless connectivity. Stand out as THE choice of locations where guests and members can reliably stay connected. 

It’s one more way Groove helps you make a lasting impression as a place where great experiences and seamless connectivity go hand in hand.

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