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Groove brings tailored Access Control solutions to the unique environments of restaurants, bars, and fitness centers, with focus on enhancing the customer experience while ensuring security and ease of access control for the operator.

Our system effectively manages entry points, employing advanced technology to create security that is active at entry and passively monitors guest traffic access throughout the property.


Access Control for
Peace of Mind

Our approach to Access Control in these settings is centered around user-friendly technology that staff can easily manage and patrons can trust is working on their behalf.

This not only brings peace of mind to everyone involved but also streamlines operations, demonstrating a clear return on investment for business owners.

With Groove's Access Control solutions, we aim to do more than just secure your space; we strive to enhance the overall professional atmosphere of your establishment.

Our system is designed to support the vibrant, diverse, and dynamic nature of the hospitality and fitness industry, where security, convenience, and customer experience can seamlessly work together.


Powered by industry leaders, delivering seamless integration you can trust.

Secure = Independence

Let us partner with you to create an environment where patrons feel secure and valued, and your business thrives with streamlined access control. Groove's Access Control solutions are here to open doors to ease operations and enhance customer experience.

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