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Vivo Living is a real estate investment and property management company that purchases hotels and repurposes them into affordable rental housing. Founded in 2020 at the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the company battles a number of issues, such as the shortage of affordable housing, the increasing number of unhoused people, and the growing quantity of financially unstable hotels.

Additionally, the company—like any other business that operates large residential buildings—struggled to find a good network provider, according to Assistant Project Manager Ariana Zukas.

“Many of the hotels we purchase have existing TV, internet, Wi-Fi, and phone contracts that just don’t work for our business model,” said Ariana. “Typically, the provider’s customer service is poor, the Wi-Fi is slow, and the overall service is extremely expensive for what you are getting.”

Vivo Living needed a network provider that would consistently perform at the highest level of quality and in a way that made financial sense. Moreover, the company needed a provider that would reliably deliver responsive customer service to all twenty-two of its properties throughout the country.

“Accessibility to our network provider is key,” said Ariana. “It can be challenging operating a nationwide portfolio of properties, so we need to be able to speak to a human being when there are issues.”

“We’re a growing company. As we continue to grow, we’re comfortable knowing that Groove will always be there to support us.”

– Ariana Zukas, Assistant Project Manager

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Fortunately, Vivo Living found Groove Technology Solutions (“Groove”). From DIRECTV, internet, and Wi-Fi to video surveillance and phone systems, the Groove team made leveraging technology easy for Vivo Living and the residents of the company’s properties.
Furthermore, Ariana describes her relationship with the Groove team as “close and professional,” and because Groove and Vivo Living are routinely on the same page in terms of the end result, installation and operation are handled smoothly.

“One thing I like about the Groove team is that they are willing to participate in our due diligence process when we’re planning on purchasing a property,” said Ariana. “They are with us every step of the way, reviewing existing technology contracts, performing site surveys, and creating reasonable proposals for projects. I appreciate those things because I know that they require a lot of work. Groove always has our best interests in mind.”