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Pacifica Companies Real Estate Portfolio


Pacifica Companies’ vast real estate portfolio is distributed throughout the United States, Mexico, and India. Since its inception in 1978, the company has evolved into a $3 billion conglomerate spanning diverse projects and spaces in the commercial and residential sectors. Its holdings include hotels, mixed-use projects, planned communities, office and industrial buildings, retail shopping centers, senior housing assets, and multi-family and single-family communities.

With more than twenty-five thousand rooms to manage, Divya Sappa, Director of Investments and Strategic Operations, had difficulty finding a television vendor that could match the demand that her team at Pacifica was experiencing. Knowing that the project could take as long as five years to complete, she needed a technology solution that could keep up with her needs throughout the company’s portfolio.

After working with a handful of direct dealers, using just one vendor was attractive to Divya. She looked for a solution and found Groove.

“The biggest benefit to working with the Groove team, besides access to great technology, was their availability.”

– Divya Sappa, Director of Investments and Strategic Operations

Pacifica Companies DIRECTV Installation


Divya took full advantage of what Groove could offer, and the Groove team was ready to tackle any need Divya and Pacifica could throw at them. Groove provided in-room DIRECTV, 1 GB fiber circuits, Wi-Fi access points, phone systems, and video surveillance in projects at various properties.

Divya appreciated Groove’s willingness to be her partner from the onset of new projects. Her appreciation was so great that she has her Groove support team participate in transition calls whenever Pacifica is in the process of purchasing a new building that needs a technology overhaul.