Motel 6 Hamilton, AL



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Ken Desai is a beacon of hospitality in Hamilton, Alabama. With seventy-seven rooms in his Motel 6, Ken is deeply invested in ensuring his guests have the ultimate lodging experience. A key feature of this experience is the availability of DIRECTV, provided through a partnership with Groove Technology Solutions (Groove).

“Our guests have enjoyed DIRECTV in their rooms for the past five years,” said Ken. “The support from Groove has been impeccable, which is why we eagerly renewed our contract for another five years.”

Knowing the weather in Hamilton can be unpredictable, with severe thunderstorms causing occasional disruptions, Ken was reluctant to switch from his previous provider. Additionally, he worried about having a receiver in each room in case one stopped functioning over time.

Ken knew he needed to tackle these concerns to further improve the efficiency of his TV solution.

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Groove, renowned for nearly two decades for its exceptional technology services in the hospitality sector, enthusiastically took on the challenge. The company’s solutions-oriented approach and commitment to customer satisfaction meant it was eager to work with Ken to develop a specialized solution for his needs.

Groove wasted no time and dispatched a skilled technician to Motel 6. Alongside delivering the backup receivers and extra remote controls, the technician tackled technical issues and thoroughly briefed Ken on the optimal procedures for swiftly swapping out equipment.

To address Ken’s concerns about signal loss, the Groove technician also provided insights on what causes weather-related issues, noting that most issues come from an unreliable install or from not having the proper heating equipment on the satellite dish.

“The Groove team once again proved why they are the best. I was immediately connected to a knowledgeable team member who listened to my concerns and understood exactly what I needed.”

-Ken Desai, Property Owner

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Groove’s attentive and personalized service meant that Ken’s Motel 6 was equipped to face any weather-related issues head-on. With backup receivers and extra remote controls in place, the motel could assure its guests of uninterrupted DIRECTV service, even during inclement weather.

Ken could not have been more pleased. “With Groove at our side, weather-induced interruptions are a thing of the past. Our guests can always count on top-notch entertainment during their stay. Groove has truly been a partner in enhancing our guests’ experience.”

By understanding Ken's concerns and providing tailored, efficient solutions, Groove Technology Solutions showcased the power of a customer-focused approach in maintaining exceptional hospitality standards at Motel 6 in Hamilton, Alabama.