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Meet the Groove Team: a powerhouse tech collective where seasoned expertise meets an unquenchable passion for the tech world and unparalleled customer service. Each member brings a wealth of practical knowledge, real-world experience and a commitment to the end result, to the table. But it's not just about what we know, it’s more about what we do- that propel your business forward.

Do we know it all? NO. Do we make mistakes? YES. The noticeable and very important difference about Groove is our commitment to the results, which are focussed on technology but nurtured and enhanced by our personal commitment and ability to pivot to find and create the best outcome.

With talent that's as vast as it is deep, our team is the very backbone of success, dedicated to ensuring that your journey with us isn't just successful, it’s a collaborative, communicative, and transformative experience for your business.

Meet the people behind our work

img – Lance-PlattLance-Platt2

Lance Platt


Chief Adrenaline Officer

img – Anthony-Fleming-1hover – Anthony fleming

Anthony Fleming

EVP of Sales and Marketing

Eye of Sauron

img – Nick-Fuocohover – Nick-Fuoco2

Nick Fuoco

Chief Financial Officer

Lord of the Ledgers

img – Sarah-Lawsonhover – Sarah-Lawson

Sarah Lawson

VP of Customer Engagement

Den Mom

img – Mike-Murfinhover – Mike-Murfin

Mike Murfin

VP of Operations

Muffin Man

img – David-Shakeimg – David-Shake

David Shake

Chief Technology Officer

Shake 'n' Bake

Support Team
img – Skipper-Deanhover – Skipper-Dean

Skipper Dean

Legal Counsel

Better Call Saul

img – James-Westhover – James-West

James West

Sr. Director of Technology Development

The Road Dog

img – Sam-Kirslinghover – Sam-Kirsling

Sam Kirsling

Director Supply Chain and Quality

DJ SamSeed

img – Lei-Kamalanihover – Lei-Kamalani-fun-1

Lei Kamalani

HR Manager

Plant Mom

img – Lindsie-BrownLindsie-Brown-fun

Lindsie Brown

Employee Experience and Development Manager

Pound Cake

img – Nikki-DarbyNikki_Darby fun

Nikki Darby

Office Administrator

Purple People Eater

img – Alina-WestAlina-West-fun

Alina West

Sales Support Manager

Cat Whisperer

img – Kylie-Stout-ProKylie-Fun

Kylie Stout

Sales Support Administrator

Master Crafter

img – Crystal-ValleCrystal-Valle-fun

Crystal Valle

Sales Support Administrator

Nature Junky

img – Dusty-GroverDusty-Grover-fun

Dusty Grover

Director of Business Systems

Discin' Dusty

img – Gideon-HertelGideon-Hertel-Fun

Gideon Hertel

Business Intelligence Analyst

Jr Salesforce Administrator

img – Trent-BarbenTrent-Barben-Fun

Trent Barben

Jr. Salesforce Administrator

Technical Support Representative

img – Chris-JangChris-Jang-Pro

Chris Jang

Jr. Salesforce Administrator

Jr. Salesforce Administrator

img – Tim-CorrbittTim-Corbitt-Fun

Tim Corbitt

Director of Engineering

Pie Man

img – Bill-RogersBill-Rogers-Fun

Bill Rogers

Director of Engineering & Video Services


img – Phil-BaitzelPhilipp-Baitzel-Fun

Phil Baitzel

Sr. Voice Solutions Engineer

Mr. Fix it

img – Mark-SiegristMark-Siegrist-Fun

Mark Siegrist

Video Solutions Engineer

Video Solutions Engineer

img – Brandon-ParkerBrandon-Parker-Fun

Brandon Parker

Video Solutions Engineer


img – Scott-EagleScott-Eagle-Fun

Scott Eagle

Video Solutions Engineer


img – Jack-CampbellJack-Camppbell-Fun

Jack Campbell

Video Solutions Engineer


img – Jason-CorbittJason-Corbitt-FUN

Jason Corbitt

Wi-Fi Solutions Engineer


Stewart-Higa- funOur Team – Backup

Stewart Higa

Cellular Solutions Engineer

Beef Stew

Tom-Susnjara funimg – Tom-Susnjara

Tom Susnjara

Digital Infrastructure Engineer

Digital Infrastructure Engineer

img – AJ-PiersonAJ-Pierson-1 fun

AJ Pierson

Access Control Engineer

Access Control Engineer

img – Joel-EricksonJoel-Erickson-fun-1

Joel Erickson

Network Solutions Product Manager

Joel On Phone Patrol

img – Kyle-KiedaischKyle-Kiedaisch-Fun-2

Kyle Kiedaisch

Network Specialist, Configuration


img – Giovani-MonsalveGiovani-Monsalve-Fun

Giovani Monsalve

Sr. Video Deployment Manager


img – Wayne-MassengillWayne-Massengill-Fun

Wayne Massengill

Sr. Video Deployment Manager


img – Rich-RubinoRich-Rubino-fun

Rich Rubino

Video Deployment Manager

Richie Rich

img – Natalia-MajdaNatalia-Majda-fun

Natalia Majda

Sr. Network Deployment Manager

Hot Wheels

img – Johnny-RobbinsJohnny-Robbins-Fun

Johnny Robbins

Sr. Voice Deployment Manager


img – Lindsey-OakesonLindsey-Oakeson-fun

Lindsey Castro Oakeson

Director of Project Management

Principle Party Planner

img – Stephen-GoodsonStephen-Goodson fun

Stephen Goodson

Senior Project Manager


img – Brianne-ReedBrianne-Reed-fun

Brianne Reed

Project Manager

The Gate Keeper

img – Mark-PriesterMark-Priester-Fun

Mark Priester

Project Manager

Old Macdonald

img – Patrick-MacLanePatrick-Maclane-Fun

Patrick MacLane

Project Manager

St. Patty Cakes

img – Michelle-UpholdMichelle-Uphold-FUN

Michelle Uphold

Project Manager


img – Pete-FloresPete-Flores-Fun

Pete Flores

Project Manager


Angela-Huckleberry funAngela-Huckleberry fun

Angela Huckleberry

Project Manager

Project Manager

img – Kelsie-Burson-1Kelsie-Burson fun

Kelsie Burson

Project Manager


img – Wendy-SkolaWendy-Skola-fun

Wendy Skola

Project Team Coordinator


img – Brita-ChildBrita-Child-fun

Brita Child

Director, Customer Service

Lady Liberty

img – Jeremy-McCreeJeremy-McCree dun

Jeremy McCree

Director, MDU Customer Success & Support


img – Bridger-TillotsonBridger-Tillotson-fun

Bridger Tillotson

Support Manager

Backup Boy

img – Montana-LyonMontana-Lyon-fun

Montana Lyon

Video Technical Support Representative Tier 3

Lyon King

img – Chris-SklenarikChris-Sklenarik fun

Christopher Sklenarik

Network Technical Support Representative Tier 3


img – Angel-VillatoroAngel-Villatoro-FUN

Angel Villatoro

Technical Support Representative


img – Ryan-BursonRyan-Burson-fun

Ryan Burson

Voice Technical Support Representative Tier 2

Marshmallow Fortress

img – Jared-KoncuratJared-Koncurat-fun

Jared Koncurat

Technical Support Representative


img – Josh-BambrookJosh-Bambrook-fun

Josh Bambrook

Technical Support Representative

J Bam

img – Don-AndrewsDon-Andrews-Fun

Don Andrews

Technical Support Representative


img – cindy-fergusonCindy-Ferguson-fun

Cindy Ferguson

Technical Support Representative

Technical Support Representative

img – Justin-WrightJustin-Wright fun

Justin Wright

Technical Support Representative

Salty J

img – Nick-SteeleNick-Steele fun

Nick Steele

Technical Support Representative

Technical Support Representative

img – Regan-StokerRegan-Stoker-Fun

Regan Stoker

Account Specialist

Regan The Riddler

img – Kevin-CassanoKevin-Cassano fun

Kevin Cassano

Technical Support Representative

Technical Support Representative

img – Brenden-HegermanBrendan-Hegerman-fun

Brendan Hegerman

Network Technical Support Representative


img – Tye-WellerTye-Weller-fun

Tye Weller

Network Technical Support Representative


img – Nicole-GrayNicole-Gray-Fun

Nicole Gray

Customer Care Advocate


img – Brinn-WhiteleyBrinn-Whiteley-1 fun

Brinn Whiteley

Voice Technical Support Representative


img -Denise-GibbonsDenise-Gibbons-fun

Denise Gibbons

Dispatch Supervisor


img – Anai-MeloAnai-Melo-Fun-

Anai Melo

Customer Support Administrator


img – Stacie-TurleyStacie-Turley-fun

Stacie Ford

Accounting Manager

The Booger

img – Russell-KiddRussell-Kidd-Fun

Russell Kidd


Lake Life

img -Erica-LarabeeErica-Larabee-fun

Erica Larabee

Accounts Payable Clerk


img – Hannah-CottrellHannah-Cottrell-Fun-

Hannah Cottrell

Senior AR Clerk

The Book Nerd

img – Krystal-HooperKrystal-Hooper-fun

Krystal Hooper

Acct. Assistant - Vendor Programs

Why So Serious?

img – Diana-MonrealDiana-Monreal-fun

Diana Monreal

Accounts Receivable Clerk

Diana Monreal

img – Coleman-LarsenColeman Larsen fun

Coleman Larsen

Accounting Clerk

Jazz Junkie

img – Shelby-CraynorShelby_Craynor fun

Shelby Craynor

Staff Accountant


img – Rae-LewisRae-Lewis-1 fun

Rae Lewis

Accounts Receivable Clerk

Suzie Q

img – Justin-ShakeJustin-Shake-fun

Justin Shake

SR. Supply Chain Specialist

Sundance Kid

img – Tyler-MasonTyler-Mason-Fun

Tyler Mason

Warehouse Inventory Specialist

Tmas Pronounced T-moss

img – Deren-MeloDeren-Melo fun

Deren Melo

Warehouse Assistant

Deren Melo

img – Tara-JensenTara Jensen fun

Tara Jensen

Field Operations Admin/Technician Champion

Diet Potato

img – Tina-WestTina-West-fun

Tina West

Field Operations Director/Technician Champion

Stud Finder

img – Steve-TerrySteve-Terry-Fun-2

Steve Terry

Facilities Manager


Sales and Marketing
img – Chris-AlderChris-Alder-Fun-1

Chris Alder

VP of Sales Enablement

Mr. Suit & Tie

img – Josh-TurnerJoshTurner-fun-1

Josh Turner

VP of Sales

Howdy Folks!

img – Andrew-JohnsonAndrew-Johnson-fun-1

Andrew Johnson

VP of Sales

The Viking

img – Mike-FaddisMike-Faddis-fun-1

Mike Faddis

VP of Sales


img – Josh-LambertJosh-Lambert-Fun

Josh Lambert

VP of Sales

Big Lambeaux

img – Rich-Van-PattenRIch-Van-Patten-fun-1

Rich Van Patten

VP of Sales

The Innovator

img – Nate-Sundloff-ProNate-Sundloff-Sundy fun

Nate Sundloff

VP of Multi-Family Sales

VP of Multi-Family Sales

img – Larry-TranLarry-Tran fun

Larry Tran

Director of Sales

Director of Sales

img – Bryce-ChristensenBryce-Christensen-fun-1

Bryce Christensen

Director of Sales

Inspector Gadget

img – Francis-TrudelFrancis-Trudel-fun-1

Francis Trudel

Director of Sales

Mr. International

img – Lou-Lindsey-Pro-3Lou-Lindsey-Fun

Lou Lindsey

Director of Sales


img – Ana-BoechatAna-Boechat fun

Ana Boechat

Director of Marketing


img – Dan-StarDaniel-Star_fun

Dan Star

Digital Media Manager

Mr. Christmas

img – Sidney-KazmierczakSidney-Kazmierczak-FUN

Sidney Kazmierczak

Sales Data Manager


img – David-VestalDavid-Vestal fun

David Vestal

Business Development Representative

Business Development Representative

img – Ryan-TooleRyan-Toole-fun-1

Ryan Toole

National Sales Executive

The Tool Man

img – Tracy-MartinTracy-Martin-fun-1

Tracy Martin

National Sales Executive

National Account Manager

img – Taylor-CowanTaylor-Cowan-Fun-1

Taylor Cowan

National Sales Executive

T Cow

img – Ryan-Bruin-1Ryan-Bruin-fun-1

Ryan Bruin

National Sales Executive


img – Tom-SteinmillerTom-Steinmiller-fun-1

Tom Steinmiller

Commercial Sales Executive

Commercial Sales Manager

img – Mike-SartainMike-Sartain-fun-1

Mike Sartain

National Sales Executive


img – Boyd-AndersonBoyd-Anderson-Fun-1

Boyd Anderson

National Sales Executive


img – Michael-TzeilerMichael-Tzeiler-fun

Michael Tzeiler

National Sales Executive


img – Scott-EisenschenkScott-Eisenschenk-fun

Scott Eisenschenk

National Sales Executive


img – Drew-RobertsDrew-Roberts-Fun

Drew Roberts

National Sales Executive


img – Tim-ClasseyTim-Classey-Fun

Tim Classey

National Sales Executive


img – Adam-JonesAdam-Jones-Fun

Adam Jones

National Sales Executive


img – Frank-RinaldoFrank-Rinaldo-FUN

Frank Rinaldo

National Sales Executive


img – Ray-AustinRay-Austin-FUN

Ray Austin

National Sales Executive

Ray Bans

img – Jim-HendersonJim-Henderson-fun

Jim Henderson

Director of In-Building Cellular

Jim Jam

img – Ryan-DignamRyan-Dignam-Fun

Ryan Dignam

Field Support Manager


img – Paul-WellsPaul-Wells-Fun

Paul Wells

Field Project Manager

Burning Man Fabio

img – Tanner-DunnTanner-Dunn-Fun

Tanner Dunn

Field Project Manager

Dunn Good

img – Terry-AdamsTerry-Adams-Fun

Terry Adams

Field Project Manager

Field Technician

img – Berny-MaasBernie-Mass-Fun

Berny Maas

Field Technician


img – Jose-AlthemanJose-Altheman-Fun

Jose Altheman

Field Technician

Field Technician

img – Samuel-PaulfordSam-Paulford fun

Samuel Paulford

Field Technician

Crocodile Dundee

img – Avery-BergerAvery-Berger-Fun

Avery Berger

Field Technician


img – Faron-Running-CraneFaron Running Crane – fun

Faron Running Crane

Field Technician

Bingo Bongo

img – Brandon-Burrell-RhoneBrandon-Burrell-Rhone-1 fun

Brandon Burrell -Rhone

Field Technician

Big Beezy

img – Alex-BorregoAlex-Borrego-Fun

Alex Borrego

Field Technician


Mac-BuChanan funimg – Mac-BuChanan

Mac BuChanan

Field Technician


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