Video Surveillance

The security of your property at its finest vision.


Manage surveillance via a secure and reliable system

Groove’s video surveillance solution meets specific needs for residents and your property and it’s available for any installation situation at a flexible price. Managing surveillance through a Traditional, Cloud or Hybrid solution, meeting your property security needs with options you can trust and understand.


Advanced Technology

From remote access capabilities to advanced facial recognition, we've got it all covered. We’re here to help make choosing the right surveillance system as easy as possible.

Growing your Business is our Goal!

You not only improve physical security across your property, you’re also able to scale the number of cameras you’re using as properties grow or locations change.

Need help navigating Video Surveillance?

Let our experts guide you to find the right solution that fits your needs and budget.

Customer Safety

Video surveillance can help ensure the safety of your property. By monitoring common areas, entrances, and exits, it is possible to quickly respond to any incidents that may threaten residents and staff.

Groove includes a maintenance agreement covering parts and labor for a worry-free period of five years.

Smarter Security and Safer Buildings.

Gain Business Intelligence with real time analytics, insights and alerts via SMS, e-mail and push notifications. Save time and money reducing incident response time with intelligent search functionalities.

Improve your Outside Security for Residents and Staff

Night vision options and True color night vision, exclusion lists, alerts and more.

Advanced Analytics

Text along the lines of whether you're looking for a lost one, identifying the bad guy or  allowing identified vehicles access we have solutions for you. Solutions can be moved here.

Facial Recognition

Enhance security with the facial recognition technology, that involves the use of algorithms to identify and verify individuals based on their facial features.

Vehicle and Object Detection

With this feature, residents have the ability to access both approved and declined vehicle lists, as well as conduct searches for clothing colors.

Scalable Systems

Let us assist you in finding the perfect camera solution for your business, whether you need a set number or room to expand. Growing your Business is our goal.

Remote Access

Residents can remotely monitor or retrieve video footage.

User Friendly Platform

Our team of experts ensure a seamless demonstration of your system's usability, no matter the solution you choose.

Flexible Pricing

Our expert team is here to find the right solution at the right price to meet your needs.

Built For You

Highly advanced and easily deployable solutions with wireless and wired technology platforms. Capture every detail with the oversized image sensor in any lighting conditions and with a built-in microphone.

Innovative Technology

Innovative security camera offerings that improves alarm accuracy and decreases the number of false alarms. Advanced analytics that provide deeper insights, with Night Color Technology and AI coding.


Groove includes a maintenance agreement covering parts and labor for a worry-free period of five years.

Your satisfaction is our top priority

In-house from Beginning to End

From engineering to installation and beyond to customer support, our dedicated in-house team is prepared to deliver utmost satisfaction through every step.

Highlighted Customer Experience

We are here to give you the best experience! Groove has revolutionized the industry by introducing an in-house certification program and consistently delivering top-notch customer service.

Take security to another level!

Stop worrying and mitigate security risks. We’re here to help you minimize costs and maximize results. Modern technology to enhance safety and security while also ensuring ease-of-use of the platform and the entire system.


Powered by top-notch industry partners, delivering seamless integration you can trust.

Let us assist you in making the best choice to meet your security requirements as easily as possible.

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