Smart Building

Bringing more comfort and convenience for residents, staff, operators and visitors.


Seamlessly Smart

Higher Return on Investment, Operational Efficiency and Enhanced User Experiences by connecting physical assets with digital processes.


The smart move

Our integrated systems are designed to meet the needs of owners, operators, and residents.

Connectivity Simplified

With our solution, you can focus on what matters most - growing your business. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple fragmented systems and streamline your operations with our comprehensive solution that ties them all together.

Increased efficiency

Improved productivity

Seamless integration

Property Management Interface

Custom dashboard that tracks and responds to your building operations in real-time, reports on trends, and helps you make smarter decisions for your residents and ongoing property management — whether at your desk or on the go!

Entry Phone

Streamlined Property Access. Efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective property access. Open and manage doors and gates effortlessly, see who you're granting access to, and connect with your property management and access control system.

Resident App

The users can control the unit's features anytime, anywhere at their fingertips. Increase marketability to attract and retain reliable residents.

Smart Thermostat

Changing the game with purpose-built smart thermostats that excel in MDUs. Not only does it offer seamless global administration, but also acts as a smart hub, bringing all your IoT devices online.

Elevante your Residents’ Experiences through Convenience and Ease-of-Use

Third-party smart device integrations allowing additional smart products to be leveraged.

Unit/suite door lock networking capabilities reducing infrastructure and cabling requirements.

Ultimate control, data aggregation, visualization features, and functionality to be integrated into other plataforms as desired.

Third-party Integrations

Smart building operations are redefined by seamlessly integrating a multitude of third-party systems. From EV charging and parcel lockers to property management systems, elevator control, leak detection, and beyond, the possibilities are endless.


Powered by top-notch industry partners, delivering seamless integration you can trust.

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And if you have already hired another vendor, no problem. Our team of experts can help with the integration and implementation of your smart building system.


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