Managed Wi-fi

Power your property value with Managed Wi-Fi

Connect residents with convenience & comfort through always-on Wi-Fi

Create a homelife experience where residents live their best-connected lives.

Provide a level of service that exceeds expectations for every resident.

Managed Wi-Fi allows properties to lower installation costs and increase revenue by offering customizable Wi-Fi tiers and pricing to residents.

Seamless Connections Everywhere

Groove specializes in the design, configuration, and support of wireless connectivity to fully converged networks. Whether it's setting up a wireless access point or implementing a comprehensive wireless network, Groove's team ensures that the wireless connectivity meets the specific needs of your residents.

By offering end-to-end solutions, Groove enables businesses to leverage the benefits of wireless technology and, in addition, monetize with it.

Groove transforms the complex into the simple.

Easy solution to manage and to better meet your users expectations with optimization services.

Customize your Wi-Fi Service

Groove allows you to customize an internet and Wi-Fi solution that perfectly aligns with your residents’ needs and budget.

Network that Boosts your Business

Always-On Reliable Wi-fi

High-Speed Connectivity

Fostered Revenue

Better Reputation and Property Values Accelerated ROI

Modernized Management


Powered by top-notch industry partners, delivering seamless integration you can trust.

Revolutionize your property’s connectivity today with our wireless networking solution!

Create a captivating resident experience, embracing the freedom and convenience of our wireless network.

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