Leak Detection

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Water Waste Facts

With an average of 20% of all toilets leaking, multi-unit property owners lose thousands of dollars in wasted water daily.

The average toilet can waste about 200 gallons of water per day.

It is estimated that 20% of all toilets leak!

Only 2% of leaks are reported by tenants, while 70% of insurance claims are related to water damage.

Why Choose Us for Leak Detection?

Leak Monitoring and Valve Actuation

Safeguarding your properties with the best technology

Our feature uses advanced sensors to detect even minor anomalies like water leaks or gas pressure drops. It triggers immediate actions, such as isolating the affected area and alerting taff and residents, enhancing safety and minimizing resource wastage and disruptions.

Proactive response system

Using automated valves, Groove’s valve actuation swiftly controls resource flow during issues like leaks, minimizing losses, downtime, and damage. Integrating with predictive maintenance ensures long-term reliability and efficiency, making it vital for MDU resource distribution.


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