Energy Management

Effortless Efficiency: Smart Thermostats and Lighting Control.


Create an exceptional experience for your residents.

Experience the power of a smart building ecosystem in your properties, designed to create sustainable environments and reduce operational expenses.


Not Just Another Thermostat

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Energy Management

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Superior Resident Experience

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Door Lock Support

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loT Enabler

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PMS Integration


Smart Lighting

Superior Resident Experience

loT Enabler

PMS Integration

Smart Thermostats and Lighting Control create sustainable environments for apartment automation.

Energy Management Solution (EMS)

Engineered solutions for buildings, considering the needs of your residents at all once.


Smart lighting solutions with everything your residents need.

Versatile smart lighting system for all residences, easy to install and use, integrating with various smart home products.

Explore a mesh networking technology to provide quick, reliable, and secure communication to a wide variety of certified smart products such as sensors, thermostats, locks, and more.

Smart thermostats and room control devices, creating intelligent sustainable environments for apartment automation.


Revolutionize your residences effortlessly with Groove’s ultimate cost-saving solutions.

Easy to install and manage, Groove provides a unique and personalized experience while elevating your profit and business results.

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