Video Surveillance

Ensuring Safety and Comfort


Safeguarding High-Risk Environments

Oil rigs and mining camps are inherently high risk environments and video surveillance systems from Groove play a crucial role in ensuring safety and maintaining a consistent operational quality. These systems offer not only legal protection but also a heightened sense of security for workers and peace of mind for their families.


For those working in such remote and potentially hazardous locations, safety is paramount.

Video surveillance is a powerful preventive measure against security breaches and provides management with real-time visibility into daily operations.

The impact and value of these systems include:

Preventive Security Measures: A deterrent against potential security threats and unauthorized access to sensitive areas.

Real-Time Operational Oversight: Offering management a comprehensive view of day-to-day activities, enabling better coordination and response.

Monitoring High Traffic and Critical Areas: Ensuring close surveillance of key areas such as entry points, safety zones, and communal spaces.

Emergency Response: Facilitating swift action in emergency situations or responding effectively to unusual activities.

Conflict Resolution and Incident Verification: Aiding in the resolution of disputes and confirming incidents, crucial for maintaining a safe working environment.

Enhanced Safety

Incorporating advanced monitoring technology and backed by Groove’s round-the-clock customer support, our video surveillance systems deliver a level of safety that exceeds typical expectations.

This strong commitment to security reassures workers and their families that safety is a priority, allowing them to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities.


Secure well-watched space for everyone

With Groove's video surveillance in place, you can ensure that safety and peace of mind are not just promised but actively delivered.

And when seeing is believing…Groove can show you the savings.

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