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Elevate Your Entertainment Experience

Groove and DIRECTV are the perfect partnership when you need an entertainment experience in your oil rigs and mining camps.

You will provide the latest movies,  premium shows, and live sports events, all powered by cutting-edge technology, ensuring every worker feels a bit closer to home.

Balanced Relaxation and Routine

Living life in remote mining camps and oil rigs is a blend of rigorous work and essential downtime. Our top-tier TV services convert common areas and personal living spaces into entertainment zones, offering a much-needed escape after a long day.

Remote Living Elevated

They'll gain access to DIRECTV’s most popular HD content, possibly supplemented by equipment subsidies to make installation more feasible for your short or long term operation.


DIRECTV provides the programming and customer support necessary to deliver a superior TV viewing experience, ensuring workers have access to a wide range of HD quality content.

Providing a sense of normalcy and comfort in a remote setting is a value proposition that pays dividends for everyone.

Having access to a variety of high quality TV services plays a surprising role in emotional well-being and helps to maintain a connection to the outside world.

With DIRECTV, workers can relax with their favorite shows or keep up with current events and sports.


*Regional Sports Networks req’d. CHOICE Package or higher. Blackout restr’s apply. Avail. of RSNs varies by zip code and pkg.

Create an environment where workers feel valued and connected.

It’s more than just entertainment; it’s a slice of home, ensuring every worker has access to a choice in a location that has little to choose from.

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