Structured Cabling

Unleash Seamless Connectivity


Structured Cabling by Groove brings a scalable technology infrastructure to the demanding remote and transitory environments found in mining camps and oil rigs.


Revolutionary Fiber Optic Cabling

Telecommunication Excellence

Unparalleled Horizontal Cabling

Outdoor Excellence

Uncompromising Standards

Professionally installed and designed to evolve with your operations, this solution ensures seamless integration with the latest technological advancements, keeping your operations ahead of the curve while providing solutions for the here and now.

Future-proofing your facility.

Structured Cabling establishes a reliable digital connectivity and goes beyond just facilitating day-to-day tasks;

It ensures that all onsite personnel have access to a seamless, high-quality tech experience, tying operational efficiency and safety communications together.


Position your facility as a model of modern and secure.

More than an infrastructure solution, Structured Cabling is a commitment to enhancing the effectiveness of the current tech requirements while providing a digital backbone for future operations as technology evolves.

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