Managed Wi-fi

Seamless connectivity

Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi from Groove, is engineered to deliver reliable and high-performance internet connectivity specifically for the challenging environments of oil rigs and mining camps.

Our solution uses the latest in hardware and software technology, ensuring continuous updates and consistent, high-quality connectivity.

Connectivity that goes beyond the basics.

Remote locations rely on dependable Wi-Fi with connectivity that goes beyond the basics. They require fast and seamless internet to stay connected with the world, be it for streaming entertainment, communicating with friends and family, or accessing vital work-related data.

Groove's Managed Wi-Fi is designed to meet and exceed these diverse and demanding requirements.

Operators can significantly reduce network downtimes, enhance the living and working conditions in these remote sites and bring an elevated quality of life to the community.

We at Groove recognize the unique challenges of providing internet in remote and demanding locations.

Our engineering team is dedicated to delivering an elevated experience regardless of the size or the challenging location. 

Reliable internet access

We ensure regular updates and maintenance of our Wi-Fi infrastructure to maintain its long-term compatibility and efficiency, thereby minimizing the need for frequent overhauls.

The immediate advantage is a more satisfied and connected workforce, but the long-term benefits extend to operational efficiency and cost savings.


Powered by highest level industry partners, delivering seamless technology integration you can trust.

Transform your oil rig or mining camp.

With Groove’s Managed Wi-Fi, transform your oil rig or mining camp environment into a digitally connected workspace having addressed the needs of the digitally thirsty workforce.

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