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Advanced energy management systems from Groove will optimize and soften the harsh and demanding environments of oil rigs and mining camps.

These systems not only enhance the comfort of workers but also drive cost-effective and sustainable operational practices that help make these remote settings feel a little less remote.


Not Just Another Thermostat

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Energy Management

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Superior Resident Experience

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PMS Integration

Energy management is more than just ensuring comfort

It's a savvy move towards sustainability and cost-saving for property owners. With smart energy solutions in place, properties can drastically cut down on energy wastage, leading to marked reductions in utility bills.

Our smart energy solutions are designed to significantly reduce energy waste, leading to lower utility costs and a faster return on investment (ROI).

This not only benefits the operators but also addresses many of the growing environmental concerns in industrial sectors.


Smart lighting solutions with everything your residents need.

Versatile smart lighting system for all residences, easy to install and use, integrating with various smart home products.

Explore a mesh networking technology to provide quick, reliable, and secure communication to a wide variety of certified smart products such as sensors, thermostats, locks, and more.

Smart thermostats and room control devices, creating intelligent sustainable environments for apartment automation.

Innovative Systems for Tailored Facility Management.

Groove’s innovative control systems allow for the automated management of environmental settings and lighting, tailored to the unique needs of each facility.

This hands-on approach to energy management ensures ease of use, maintaining optimal working conditions, and contributes to a more efficient operational strategy.

Elevating Operations

The challenge of cost control and eco-responsibility are increasingly important, and a comprehensive energy management approach will be an operational game changer.

It elevates the appeal of your operations, ensuring they are not just functional but sustainable work environments that actively contribute to and help develop a better worker. 


Revolutionize your mining camps and oil rigs

Choosing Groove’s energy management solutions allows all aspects of a mining camp or oil rig to concentrate their efforts on putting out fires instead of building them.

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