cellular amplification

Elevate your connection

Groove's superior Cellular Amplification solves and resolves the frontline issue of a remote workforce…that being reliable communication.

This solution guarantees consistent cellular reception across your entire operation.

Our strategically installed hardware creates a reliable network, with impressive signal strength, ensuring seamless communication for all personnel on site.

Optimized Connectivity.

In these remote industrial environments, uninterrupted cellular service is not just a convenience but a necessity.Workers depend on reliable connectivity for operational coordination, staying in touch with family, and accessing essential digital resources.

Performance Leadership

Ease of Install

Leaders in Value


Carrier Grade Approved

Providing more than just basic amenities, our Cellular Amplification significantly enhances the living and working experience in these remote sites.

Improving cellular connectivity boosts staff morale and productivity, and positions your operations and location as a modern, technologically equipped workplace.

Partner with Groove to transform your oil rig or mining camp into a location where connectivity is assured, no matter how remote.

Take connection to
another level!

Our Cellular Amplification solution keeps all hands on task instead of searching for a better signal.

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