Whether your property is a 3 unit care center or a 1,000 room flagship resort, Groove is the right choice for all your technology needs. 

Hotels, Motels & Resorts

You’re in the business of providing excellent guest experience. We’re in the business of providing top notch technology solutions. Together, we can create a technology system tailored to maximize cost savings and improve guest experience. 

Senior Living, Healthcare & Hospitals

The right technology solution is grounded in ease of use and reliable compliance.  Groove understands how to create a technology system tailored to maximize cost savings and improve the overall experience for residents or patients. 

Dorms & Student Housing

Students are bringing more than their hunger for knowledge to school each fall. They arrive with personal devices which are creating a bandwidth burden for student housing companies.  We keep students connected and provide full IP TV solutions on one network.

RV Parks & Campgrounds

When it comes to finding a digital TV experience without set-top boxes or WiFi coverage that reaches the far expanses of your RV Park, we got you covered.  That old cable service can now be replaced with DIRECTV and internet running on a single network.

Restaurants, Bars & Fitness Centers

Never miss a game with DIRECTV’s lineup of sports programming for restaurants and bars.  We understand the need to provide what your customers want when they want it.  Leave it to our technicians to tackle the most complex installations.  

Arenas & Stadiums

Whether their team wins or loses, sports fans won’t be disappointed in the TV service provided by Groove. The best in the business trust Groove with their DIRECTV installations in both NBA arenas and university stadiums/arenas.

Mining Camps & Oil Rigs

No one works harder than your guys (and gals). At the end of a hard day, they need to relax and enjoy their favorite show or catch up on e-mails from home.  Let Groove take the worry out of the process so your employees can take care of their business. 

Prisons & Institutions

Circumstances do not need to limit an individuals ability to learn and progress, Groove helps provide improved quality of life by offering a host of educational programming to support personal and spiritual development.