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Revolutionizing Healthcare Communication

Groove's Phone Systems supported by ConnectWare bring streamlined, cutting-edge communication to hospitals and healthcare facilities with the latest in security measures. Our systems combine the simplicity of traditional phones with advanced features that meet the fast-paced demands of healthcare delivery and privacy requirements.

They're designed to grow with your facility's needs, ensuring that as healthcare evolves, your communications keep pace, supporting everything from patient care to telemedicine supporting both on and off site interactions.

With Wi-Fi connectivity and number portability, Groove ensures healthcare providers can connect with ease, maintaining critical lines of communication, further enhancing the backbone of all healthcare execution.

Affordable and robust, these systems offer the reliability healthcare environments require, allowing medical staff to focus on patient care without technological distractions.

The Voiceware and ConnectWare Platforms Include:

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Call Accounting Voicemail

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24/7 Hardware & Software Support

Phone Systems

PMS Integration

Phone Systems

LTE Failover for Guaranteed System Uptime

In a sector where precision and reliability can make all the difference, our commitment to blending trusted phone system traditions with progressive technology sets healthcare facilities apart, enabling staff to concentrate on what truly matters—the health and well-being of their patients and allows you to concentrate on the overall profitability and operational feasibility.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your communication system. Contact us and experience the future of healthcare communication.

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