Access Control

A comprehensive solution to oversee entry points, both physically and online

When reliability and speed are game changers

Through cutting-edge technologies like wall readers and advanced management systems, it prioritizes authorized access, safeguards spaces, and streamlines operations, catering to the often complex healthcare environments which require an added measure of safety and oversight.

Smart Access

Security and Safety

Simplified Management

Connected Living

Optimizing Healthcare Environments

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are environments that are environments with unique nuances that require a detailed and reliable approach to the interaction protocols between patients, guests and staff.

Addressing the varying levels of security and the need for emergency response access as well as privacy measures cannot be ignored when providing the best technology solutions.

The Groove access control starts with patient-centric needs working in concert with the guidelines and best practices of privacy, integrity and professionalism.

Technology helps maintain a safe and private environment for guests with smooth operational effectiveness for staff is the Groove goal.


Powered by industry leaders, delivering seamless integration you can trust.

Access Technology is an indispensable layer in the administrative control process. The value proposition is peace of mind for staff and administration alike.

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