Health Security of Guests and Staff can be Found with Technology

Written by Sidney Rogers

Health Security of Guests and Staff can be Found with Technology

During these days of pandemic, being able to see a potentially sick guest, possibly before they realize they are sick, can help prevent an outbreak. It has become customary to take the temperatures of guests upon arrival at the hotel or resort.

Handheld no contact thermometers can easily be used by the staff as guests check in. However, this is not a feasible thing to do every time you see a guest wandering the corridors. This is where infrared scanning on a larger scale comes into play.

More businesses are implementing walkthrough thermal scanners or thermal scanning cameras. If someone is showing an elevated temperature during a scan, the system can alert the staff and give an approximate location.

Robotics can also help ensure health safety. Enlist the help of robotics with sanitizing and disinfecting the hotel or resort. There are now robots that are capable of disinfecting surfaces and walls with ultraviolet light.

This is wonderful as this technology helps remove the danger of staff becoming ill while performing necessary cleaning duties.

If you have sick guests that are quarantining, an assigned butler robot can be used to bring necessities to the guests while avoiding contact.

During these days of covid-19, it is becoming essential to have contact free interaction with guests. Technology offers contact-free resources to those in hospitality while still maintaining a friendly, personable experience.

Wearable Tracking for Employees and Guests

This is yet another service that some resorts and hotels are offering. These devices can be provided to staff members as well as guests. If they end up needing assistance, all they need to do is push a button and the security system homes in on the signal within a few feet of where the person is at, allowing help to get to them quickly.

This could be great for protecting employees while on duty. Parents may find a sense of peace allowing children to wear them. Guests with medical conditions might also find these useful.

Facial Recognition Technology for Security

You employ many different people. An easy way to ensure a criminal doesn’t pose as an employee is through facial recognition software. This could be extended to guests as well.

As those employees and guests move around the grounds of the resort or hotel, facial recognition sensors recognize them as belonging there. However, should the system detect an unknown person it can alert security of possible intrusion.

Electronic Safes in Guestrooms Adds Security

Smart safes in guestrooms allow the guest to secure valuables when they are not in the room. A secure, immovable safe may help your guests feel more secure. The guest can set the code, making it difficult for a thief to get into it.

Should a guest forget the code, these safes do have a backdoor code. This backdoor code would need to be protected. Therefore only a few trusted employees should be able to access this code.