Video Surveillance

Ensuring Safety and Comfort.


Security for staff and a safer environment overall

Groove's video surveillance systems are the keystone of safety and smooth operations in prisons and institutions. They offer more than legal protection – they provide security for staff and a safer environment overall.


Safeguarding Facilities: The Role of Comprehensive Surveillance

Our comprehensive surveillance system acts as a vital safeguard against security risks, giving operators real-time views of the entire facility.

Cameras monitor key areas like internal and external access, communal spaces, and restricted zones, ensuring quick responses to any security concerns.

The system is key in overseeing inmate activities and regulating behaviors, settling disputes, and improving facility management.

It's essential for a secure and well-run facility and harmonious environment.

24/7 support

With advanced monitoring and Groove’s 24/7 support, our surveillance ensures top-level safety and control.

Integrating our video surveillance shows your commitment to maintaining order, safety and promotes transparency in your facility.


Secure well-watched space for everyone

Groove’s video surveillance is about providing a secure, well-watched space for everyone in the facility, making it a safer place for both staff and inmates to spend their time.

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