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In collaboration with Groove and DIRECTV, revolutionize the entertainment offerings in prisons and institutions.

Provide a diverse selection of programming, including access to premium programming, and essential news updates, all powered by the latest technology, catering to the unique environment of these facilities.

Grooves Team with no strings

Collaborate closely to ensure a solution that perfectly matches the distinctive technical specifications and financial considerations of your property.

Live sports, news & on Demand.

No Annual Contract

No Hidden Fees.

No satellite dish.

No cable box.

Balanced Relaxation and Routine

Balancing relaxation with routine is a difficult undertaking that can be more easily managed with the help of Groove Technology Solutions. TV services can transform common areas into engaging entertainment zones and create effective learning environments.

DIRECTV Solutions for Facility Environments

Your facility will not only meet but exceed the entertainment needs of inmates, guests and staff. You will have control to provide DIRECTV’s broad range of HD content, making it possible to create a more normalized and engaging environment and a more content population.

DIRECTV offers the tools and support necessary to provide a superior TV viewing experience.

This service ensures a range of HD quality content is available to distribute,  backed by reliable support.

With DIRECTV, you go beyond offering a simple range of channels; you bring a customizable viewing experience that can cater to various preferences, requests and needs, contributing to the overall well-being of inmates and staff.

Having access to diverse TV services in prisons and institutions plays a vital role in providing structured downtime and educational opportunities.

With DIRECTV, individuals can stay informed with current events, or engage with educational content.

The flexibility to control and monitor viewing options, coupled with competitive pricing, significantly enhances the environment within these facilities.

*Regional Sports Networks req’d. CHOICE Package or higher. Blackout restr’s apply. Avail. of RSNs varies by zip code and pkg.

Partnering with Groove and DIRECTV can be transformative

Ensure that your facility is not just a place of confinement, but a space where constructive engagement and the opportunity for growth is always just a remote click away.

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