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Connectivity Redefined

Groove's state-of-the-art phone systems merge traditional reliability with advanced technology, designed to meet the unique communication requirements of prisons and institutions.

Our systems offer a range of capabilities previously not available from a single provider, combining options for customized programming with easy-to-use phone systems anchored in technological advancements.

Partner Solution: Voiceware Meets The Needs Of Your Students

Our solutions are flexible and adaptable, our communication platform is engineered to evolve with the changing needs of prisons and institutions.

Whether it's accommodating an expanding facility or integrating a variety of services, our systems scale efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Voiceware and ConnectWare Platforms Include:

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Call Accounting Voicemail

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24/7 Hardware & Software Support

Phone Systems

PMS Integration

Phone Systems

LTE Failover for Guaranteed System Uptime

Groove's innovative approach to telephony distinguishes your facility as the modern and most up-to-date, ensuring seamless and dependable connections among staff and between departments.

Empowering Secure Communication

By prioritizing secure communication, Groove empowers facility managers to focus on core operational priorities, such as safety and efficient management.

Enhancing the overall functionality of prisons and institutions is the Groove message that you need to hear loud and clear.

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