Managed Wi-fi

Seamless Connectivity

Managed Wi-Fi

Groove's Managed Wi-Fi is expertly designed to meet the unique and complex demands of prisons and rehabilitation institutions, equipped with the latest hardware and software for seamless connectivity.

This solution is engineered to allow for continuous updates and trusted performance and cater to the specialized needs and unique attention required in these environments.

Secure Connectivity for Institutions: Groove's Advanced Wi-Fi Solutions

As a provider of services to prisons and institutions, Groove understands that reliable Wi-Fi isn't just about connectivity.

It's about maintaining essential channels of communication that support rehabilitation programs, and ensuring efficient administrative operations.

Our Managed Wi-Fi is a step above basic internet access, providing a stable and secure network that can handle the specific requirements of these facilities.

This technology plays a pivotal role in digital learning, opportunities for monitored inmate communication, and efficient management of institutional resources.

Understanding the sensitive nature of these environments, Groove's engineering team is committed to delivering a user experience that enhances the requirements of property operators.


High-capacity and secure internet connectivity becomes a tool for enhancing the on-demand needs of educational programs, streamlining administrative tasks, and potentially aiding in rehabilitation processes.


Regular updates and maintenance

Regular updates and maintenance of our Wi-Fi infrastructure ensure compatibility and security issues are resolved before they become problematic, a function that is crucial in these settings.

The immediate benefit is a more connected and efficiently run facility, while the long-term gains include operational efficiency, and cost savings.


With Groove’s Managed Wi-Fi, transform your prison or rehabilitation institution into a digitally empowered environment

Our customized Wi-Fi solutions help to align with the size, security protocols, and specific technical needs of your facility.

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