cellular amplification

Communication with Nn security clearance required

Enhanced Signal Pathway

Enhance the connectivity of your prison or institution with Groove's premier Cellular Amplification, guaranteeing strong and strategic cellular reception throughout the facility.

Our meticulously placed hardware establishes a reliable signal network, vital to support real-time communication among staff and essential in maintaining the security and operations of the facility.

Optimized Connectivity

In high-security environments like prisons and institutions, unreliable cellular service is not an option. Groove's cellular solution combats the common issues of dropped calls and poor reception in facilities uniquely designed to control communication.

Performance Leadership

Ease of Install

Leaders in Value


Carrier Grade Approved

Reliable connectivity is crucial for staff coordination, emergency responses, and efficient management of day-to-day operations.

A cellular network, free from interruptions, is not just a convenience but a necessity for the smooth running of these facilities.

Modernized Security

With Groove's Cellular Amplification, your prison or institution isn't just a secure space; it becomes a technologically advanced environment where seamless connection and secured accessibility is the standard.

This enhancement not only boosts staff efficiency but also modernizes your facility's infrastructure.

Amplifying Your Service and Care

Groove's Cellular Amplification is the key to ensuring that every call, command, and communication within your facility is clear and uninterrupted and most importantly…authorized.

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