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Partnering with Groove and DIRECTV

Transform your student housing into a haven of entertainment where every student feels right at home.

Offer an array of choices from the latest hit movies, to premium shows, and the ability to follow their team while on the road…all powered by cutting-edge technology.

On-campus living is a mix of work and play, study and relaxation and that is delivered by providing top-tier TV services that turn every dorm room into a mini home theater.


The Advanced Entertainment Plataform (AEP)

You're not just meeting but exceeding the entertainment expectations of today’s students. They'll have access to DIRECTV’s most popular HD content, with potential equipment subsidies making installation more affordable for you.

Exceptional Viewing

DIRECTV provides the tools and support needed to offer a superior TV viewing experience, ensuring students enjoy a range of HD quality content, backed by reliable business support.

DIRECTV goes beyond just offering a range of channels; it allows students to customize their viewing choices, catering to their diverse preferences and lifestyles.

In student accommodations, having access to a variety of TV services is crucial for relaxation and socializing, raising the emotional health of the student population.

With DIRECTV, students can unwind by watching their favorite shows or stay updated with the latest news and sports. The flexibility for students to personalize their viewing, combined with competitive pricing, enhances their daily living experience.

*Regional Sports Networks req’d. CHOICE Package or higher. Blackout restr’s apply. Avail. of RSNs varies by zip code and pkg.

Unrivaled Entertainment

Providing DIRECTV’s portfolio of services can also serve as a unique selling point, bringing a well thought out and developed product to the competitive retirement and assisted living markets and more importantly to your property.

Don’t let a student wonder IF or how they can watch… with Groove and DIRECTV, the answer is always an enthusiastic "JUST PRESS PLAY"

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