Touch Tour

Let your fingers do the walking

Interactive Showcase

TouchTour is an engaging and dynamic way to highlight the best of student housing, offering prospective students and their families the opportunity to explore and interact with the facilities both on-site and remotely through immersive 3D displays.

At the swipe of a screen, they can virtually dive into the exciting student life awaiting them.

Touch Tour

A Touch Tour for every asset and budget.

More than just a way to introduce the campus, TouchTour is a powerful marketing tool and a gateway to the decision making process. It actively engages potential residents, sparking their interest and ensuring they fully grasp what the student housing has to offer.


Navigating the Property with Interactive 3D Previews

On campus, TouchTour enables students to easily get to know the layout, discover current amenities, and learn about upcoming services, aiding their transition to campus life.

For those still deciding, the ability to explore housing options online is essential. TouchTour technology provides an immersive, realistic 3D experience, allowing them to virtually navigate the dorms and communal spaces.

This engaging and user-friendly virtual tour can significantly sway their decision by offering a vivid preview of the living spaces, amenities, and overall campus vibe.

Touch Tour Advantage

TouchTour is invaluable in helping prospective students and their families envision student life, in your accommodations.

It keeps your property at the top of the digital conversation,  speaking to the next generation of students, showcasing what is really important to them in a language that they are more than capable of speaking.

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